Surely God Never Fails

I don't know how to express myself or use words that can truly bring out the sense of what I mean by "SURELY GOD NEVER FAILS". You can never understand the meaning and depth of light until you go through darkness and Light is all you long for. - Even though it is a tiny bit of light, the influence it has on lighting up your path and giving you clear vision, is something appreciable and that many can or should never take for granted.

Stories have been told of how people have been in a mess and in our human understanding or perception, we write them off like damaged cars that seem to be out of form for repair. But if you see things differently you could be the only one who says that I can bring back this car  to life. I must say that what the Bible says in Job 14: "At least there is hope for a tree: If it is cut down, it will sprout again, and its new shoots will not fail." is surely true. 

We might never understand the pain that someone has gone through or is going through until we have our own experience which in any case no one dreads for, no one ever plans for failure or loss, no one wants to be caught in the bad side of life, you don't know when you will fall or raise up, we are quick to even through stones for every bad thing some one has done, we never think that it could be us, we never think that what if I was in this person's shoes. Life as has been said is what we make it. It is a summation of good and bad choices, but everyday is a learning experience and an opportunity for us to put things right and write a new page of history. 

There is no story so sad that things can't turn around
There is no person so bad that we can't chose to love, love could be their light in the darkness
There is no burden to big that we can't help carry one another's burdens
There is no money too much or too less that we can't choose to share with those in need

All am saying about life and what we go through is that at the end of the day when everyone else turns their backs on you, God never fails, his word says that he never abandons us, he never leaves nor forsakes us. One of the easiest things I have found to do is to believe by faith that God is with me, that is arms are around me, that when I speak he hears me, I might not see him physically but I will see his manifestation in the different people or things who will bring across my path. 

When Jesus read from the Scroll, he said that the Spirit of the Lord was upon him and that he was here to set the captives free, to bring forth deliverance....
He surely is a brother who sticks closer than a friend....
My brothers and sisters I have seen that HATRED does more harm than GOOD but LOVE builds instead of destroying.. 

God hasn't put us on this earth to be a source of pain but a source of refreshment to those around us especially to those who don't know him. If he could forgive a thief, those who killed him, he expects you and I to forgive as well... Just to let you SURELY GOD NEVER FAILS - He is our ever present help in time of trouble. Always turn to God and Seek him.

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