Saturday 29 June 2019

Keep Those Promises, They Are Building Blocks To Succeeding In Your Venture

Keep those little promises

Successful people understand that every time you break the promises you make to yourself, you feed your identity as an impostor and weaken your self-confidence as a person of action. - Julian Hayes
I love sharing experiences about different things but I am drawn quite a number of times to this thing called money. Money is so crazy a thing that people will lie or work hard and smart to get it, it can be used to empower communities or to manipulate them. It continues to be one of the most talked about things, people are grinding everyday in tough economies, they go to bed thinking about how they can make more or how they can just survive or even how they use it to build generational wealth.

I am a lover of planning, lover of making budgets but I do fall short just like anyone else and many times I know that because I did those right things, they set me up to succeed in one thing or the other. The problem comes when you start breeding familiarity, when you start saying I already know what to do or when you start saying I will do the plan in my head. 

Experience teaches us that it is always good to document because it becomes easy to follow up with what has been clearly written down in a defined and understandable manner. We have had this truth said before, write down your vision, so that those who see it will run with it. People who plan are people who prepare and those who don't are worse than animals who at least know what to do.

Julian Hayes makes some resounding statements in his quote, he says that successful people understand that every time you break promises you make to yourself, you feed your identity as an impostor, this got me thinking, how many times do I say I will save this amount of money, I will invest in this or that and end up not doing a thing at all. 

Our desire to not follow through with some of these habits we know have worked well over time has cost us a lot, we become complacent and keep postponing what we know will definitely build bridges that we and the generations to come will cross on. 

When it comes to money, I do encourage us to get back to the basics, seek to read, seek to understand, seek to make plans that you will act on, if we do that we can win and be successful. Remind yourself that you are the difference between success and failure because you are the one who will call the shots.

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