Tuesday 8 July 2014

To Martha B. Opio My Beloved Wife - "Am Committed To you and To Our Love for each other"

This is from the Archives, Before we got married i wrote you this and envisioned and am experiencing it with you Happy 5 months Annivesary as you remind yourself of this little piece of writing.

You were Crafted for Me
You were Molded for Me
You were Shaped for Me
You were Complete for Me
You were Designed for Me
You were Made for Me
The Best Architect Saw me And Made you Desirable, Made You Beautiful, Made you favored, Made you Perfect, Made you Blossom, Made You Amazing, Made You A Princess.
I want to be with You and stay within your zone, within your circle of pure love, clear love, defined love, unconditional – yes I have said it again – unconditional – unending love.
I need to See and See you Face to Face
I need to Feel and Feel you close to me
I need to Hold and Hold you in my arms
I need to Laugh and Laugh till we burst into Joy Unspeakable.
I need to Cry and Cry on your Shoulders where your comfort soothes me
I need to Love and Love you till the End of Time.
I need to Sing and Sing a love Song for You.
I need to Bless and Be a lifelong blessing to You
I need to Protect and Be Your Shield With the Shield of God
I need to Care and Be a Caring Best friend and Husband for life

I want to carry you with me and ride the tide together, brave the storm together, sail through the seas together, hike every mountain together and look beyond the horizon together coz we got one vision that spans beyond any barrier.
Come Ride with me On my Wings, we soar together above every storm
Come Jump with me We will triumph over everything
Come Walk with me We will walk to an everlasting freedom
Come Dine with me We Feast on the table of God's Amazing love
Come Dance with me We Dance to the Tune of a Love song
Come Live with me We Live in God's amazing Presence
We are strong together, We are warm together, We are sharper together, Our Light is brighter together, and We are best friends forever.
We are on a love ship, we are sailing, God is our captain, I learn from him, I take the wheel, you help me along, we spin it together, your strong for me and am strong for you.
This is my commitment to you, to run the race of love, the race of marriage, the race of friendship, the race of building a life together, the race of championing your heart’s desire and your dreams. I will never take you for granted, I will never put you low, I will always lift you up when your down, Baby I will be there for you, Just like you have always said it best – Anytime.

I am Coming for My Bride and You Said you are Waiting – That cements my Commitment, I am Pursuing You Till I bring you to my Home and Keep and Stay with you – committed forever in true love, to my Garden of fruitfulness, to my Realm, to my Haven, to my bosom, to my Sphere of life.
Honey With My Life will I honor You
Baby With My Heart will I Give You my All
Jewel With My Strength Shall I Be Strong for You
Sweetie With My Wisdom Shall We Establish Ourselves
Royalty With My Crown Shall I Share it With You
Mukwano With My Word Shall I be True to it as Regards You
Kugonza With My Faith Shall I be faithful to You
Baluka With My Shield Shall I protect You
Brenda With My Leadership Shall I serve You
Best Friend With Our Resources Shall we Build a Home
Martha With My Name Shall I share it With You – You Alone Will Have my Opio Name.
My Malaika allow me say this – I am Committed to You and to our Love For Each Other. LOVE Love is what I give You – Forever will Love be love. You Are Amazing.
God Made You a Copy Right - There is No One Like You
He Defined Your Beauty and It comes from him, you are God's beauty.
He Defined Your Style, it is Only Yours
You Don't Compare Yourself Coz God Made You Right
God Breathed Charisma in You and it's Yours Alone derived from Him
Your Reverence for God brought Your Praise - Honor God with ur all.

I am Committed To You Martha - My Very Own
I love to Love You More and More and So Much More.

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