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To Martha B. Opio My Beloved Wife - "Am Committed To you and To Our Love for each other"

This is from the Archives, Before we got married i wrote you this and envisioned and am experiencing it with you Happy 5 months Annivesary as you remind yourself of this little piece of writing.
You were Crafted for Me You were Molded for Me You were Shaped for Me You were Complete for Me You were Designed for Me You were Made for Me The Best Architect Saw me And Made you Desirable, Made You Beautiful, Made you favored, Made you Perfect, Made you Blossom, Made You Amazing, Made You A Princess. I want to be with You and stay within your zone, within your circle of pure love, clear love, defined love, unconditional – yes I have said it again – unconditional – unending love. I need to See and See you Face to Face I need to Feel and Feel you close to me I need to Hold and Hold you in my arms I need to Laugh and Laugh till we burst into Joy Unspeakable. I need to Cry and Cry on your Shoulders where your comfort soothes me I need to Love and Love you till the End of Time. I need to Sing and…