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But Divide Your Investments Among Many Places

BUT DIVIDE YOUR INVESTMENTS AMONG MANY PLACES,for you don't know what risks may lie ahead.
Life is full of so many ups and downs, highs and lows. Imagine yourself having no salaried job in the next days or months, some people live life fully guaranteed with job security yet tragedy can happen any time. I don't wake up late or sleep whole day - that is total disaster to my life and to the legacy I want my children to have. I wake up and do work - work is a gift and it isn't necessarily a job (even within a job you work just that it is defined for you). I use the skills I have at hand to earn from them and God is being faithful.  Do you know that your driving permit can take you places, Do you know that the way you teach from the different things God has taught you or done can open doors for you and you are gifted with monies you don't even expect. Do you know that your integrity can grant you favor before people and today or tomorrow your getting a call and someone says…