Celebrating the Life of the Late Arch Bishop Janani Luwum [16th February Day to Honor him]

I see no Christian write about the Late ArchBishop Janani Luwum but am not saying they should, I have read a few scripts written in the papers about this man, he was not only a person who detested Amin's dictatorship [they say he was a leading critic of the regime and had personally delivered a note of protest to the big man against arbitrary killings and unexplained disappearances of people in the country Uganda], Samuel Oduny in his commentary of today's The New Vision said "Luwum was a courageous patriot". 

PM Ruhakana Rugunda says "Janani Luwum stands tall in our history and as an example beyond Uganda's borders". It is still said that among his good deeds, "Luwum showed great care in the leprosy work in Gulu, holding thanksgivings services to those discharged from the hospital." 

I still can't believe that he was Archbishop for the province of the Church of Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and Boga Zaire (DR Congo) - this is phenomal and most of all he was A MARTYR, If it wasn't for his faith, I don't know where the Church would be, one act of Integrity without fear, makes him stand out, his life was lost, but above all the Church in Uganda has remained strong since then until now, May God be glorified in all this.

He chose him and set him apart in a time when Uganda was in turmoil, I wasn't born then but I can relate with the story that's why some people stay alive to tell of God's good works .. I am proud to know this family especially the grand children, the likes of Nancy AmitoAkot Kasuti DoraLaker Laura, Norman Luwum, Luwum Daniel.. I know they are many more, May God's blessings flow to you his grand children and the great grand children, may you live to emulate what your grand father did, you are the fruit of his loins... blessed from generation to generation, and as a nation we have all been blessed because of his life. We celebrate his life, Indeed I hope 16 Feb is declared a public holiday to honor him.

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