How You Use Your Resources At Home, Will Determine How Much You Save

Sometime back while looking at our home expenditure with My wife, we wondered if the BILLS could be an issue at home especially WATER & POWER. But while I was still at my moms, there is a principle I learnt of switching off lights while not in use and indeed it makes sense, why should lights be on when not in use, I know anyone would want to have the whole house lit up and looking like some CELEBs house but it really doesn't add up to anything.
The vital principal I learnt from my mom came into play when I got married , I told my wife about saving on power by switching off lights and this played into our favor. We also don't keep the taps running anyhow Recently I was asked by someone how much I spend on power BILLS and I told them 20k [20,000 UGX] a month and the same also for water, they couldn't believe but that's the truth. When it comes to using the Micro wave, we used it when we really need too, otherwise Gas or the charcoal stove can warm the food or cook it at that. When it comes to ironing it is done once a week and clothes are ironed for the week sometimes of-course due to change, it could be just twice.
Save on money by looking through your routines at home, you could find yourself doing much more... my wife and I also found cooking a lot of food and not finishing it wasn't good, especially us being two for now, we just cook what is enough to avoid throwing food which is money thrown and wasted. It is not all perfect but as you keep being disciplined you will see the reward.
Let John 6:12 When they had all had enough to eat, he said to his disciples, "Gather the pieces that are left over. Let nothing be wasted."
Dr Myles Munroe once said that SUCCESS is predictable - it is not luck, Failure is also predictable.

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