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To My Fellow Men And Leaders Of This World "Prayer Makes Us"

From my heart to you all I have strongly come to believe that what will what strongly unite men is this one thing called VISION and PURPOSE, when a man is visionary every other man can have some one else to look up too and hence himself help build other men. To get such a man or men is not easy because such men are MADE, CRAFTED & MOLDED through PRAYER, they are men who seek out the presence of God and dwell there in, If you are to move a fellow man, this is how Hudson Taylor put it, "It is possible to move men, through God, by PRAYER ALONE". This validates the statement that A MAN OUGHT TO PRAY and not lose heart. If a fellow man is praying and his fellow men are praying they become an un-stoppable force, George Giddle says Give me one man bought by PRAYER and not by A SWORD. I am reminded especially about how praying connects and how God releases another man to go rescue the other by doing the instructions given by God. This is a classic story between Paul and Ananias…

There is no better VOICE to hear than the VOICE of God in TIMES WHERE there are so many other voices

Can you hear his voice, Each time you read his word. Can you hear his voice, Each time you share and speak with someone. Can you hear his voice, Each time you walk down the street and walk into the market. Can you hear his voice, Each time you try to give up and throw in the towel. Can you hear his voice, Each time you think it's over. 
Can you hear his voice
This is the Impact the voice of God can create  If we can only be sensitive to his voice at any time, at all times, whenever wherever God is always speaking
This is a caption from Scripture - Psalm 29
The voice of the Lord ----- echoes above the sea The God of glory thunders The Lord thunders over the mighty sea.
The voice of the Lord is powerful The voice of the Lord is majestic.
The voice of the Lord splits the mighty cedars The Lord shatters the cedars of Lebanon He makes Lebanon's mountains skip like a calf He makes Mount Hermon leap like a young wild ox
The voice of the Lord makes the barren wilderness quake The L…

Understanding, Knowledge & Wisdom

UNDERSTANDING, KNOWLEDGE AND WISDOM These three things above could be the greatest weapons to financial freedom.  There are many times in life when impatience gets the best of us, instead of learning and acquiring knowledge which we should apply, we are after the fish, the bananas and the money itself. Money that comes to the hands that don't know how to manage will most definitely vanish in thin air. The Chinese proverb says that instead of giving fish, teach someone how to fish. knowledge acquisition to people seem so far fetched, but without knowledge and wisdom to apply it and understanding to know exactly how things work and why certain things should be done, we remain in the dark. Seek as much knowledge as you canGain as much understanding as you canApply as much wisdom as you can
Don't rush for the Gold, rush for the knowledge to manage the gold, this will help you break free of any loop holes that make you run made.
The Bible in Proverbs 8 says 10 Choose my instruction rath…