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Understand Your Financial Seasons

“…. Winter is coming, how prepared are you? Because after that the sun will shine again to give us hope to get out once more and do a lot more before another winter season…”
Life has its cycles and it is true that you have to go through them. It is written that there is seed and harvest time. There is night and day, rain and sunshine. To you my dear reader, you are probably getting out of one season and getting into another.
I have heard this statement countless times, “There is a time for everything”. Now let’s talk about financial seasons. We need to know how our economy runs, and one of the ways we can know is when there are a few disruptions to the norm of life, one of the clearest indicators is when the price of fuel is sky rocketing, this has an impact on almost everything we purchase. There is a time I lamented why I did not buy Sugar in bulk yet that is what we normally did, the price went up so high that making juice at home was becoming a night mare, however the wholesaler we …

Attitude Towards Money And The Value Of Work Part 3

I used to think that money would come immediately because I had studied, got an upper second class degree. I thought I would apply for jobs and get them automatically because my papers were good. This wasn’t the case.
I walked the streets of kampala applying for jobs, I even knocked some doors and asked to start as a volunteer. Looking for a job became my job because our education system is simple but holds us captive, go to school, study hard and get a job. The era we are in is a time where jobs are increasing scarce because they aren’t being created. There is systemic poverty. Inflation is high and the economy isn’t doing as well as we all expect. It is a cause for an alarm because the gap between the rich and the poor is widening every day. However every nation will face hard times, we need an industrial revolution to be able to create jobs with the vast resources Africa has. We aren’t poor at all but we are poor in our minds.
We need not give up though because there is still hope an…

Attitude Towards Money And The Value Of Work Part 2

I remember asking my father. Daddy, “Give me some money”, his response “Money isn’t just picked like leaves from trees” 
There are a few insights I have picked up as I steadily run this marathon. Dave Ramsey teaches and says Personal finance is 80% behavior and 20% head knowledge. Our lives strongly dictate how we use money. Benjamin Franklin said, “If you want to think of being wealthy, think of saving as well”. He also said, “Beware of little expenses, a small lick can sink a great ship” Are you the type that is controlled by money, are you the type who gets money and yields to its instruction there and then, and are you the type who doesn’t understand that there are laws that govern money. Listen while we continue to explore a few things.

Money isn’t grown on trees
Money isn’t grown on trees, it is worked for, money doesn’t come by claiming, it comes by working for it, even the money that is given to you by someone is money that was worked for, it is God who touches the hearts of men …

Attitude Towards Money And The Value Of Work Part 1

I grew up in a modest and humble home. My parents were civil servants at the time and they did whatever it took to make sure we had a reasonable lifestyle. I was told that my mother run a kiosk, and sold charcoal.
When I was of understanding age, my mother reared chicken for sale and my siblings and I helped in slaughtering and cleaning these chicken early morning as they needed to be transported to the restaurants/hotels my mother was supplying. We benefited from the gizzards and liver and that was our payment.
In my primary my mother also run a saloon. I believe all these extra jobs or work she was doing was to create passive income or increase their meagre earnings to better the situation at home and also help educate us. I strongly see the work ethic and their attitude towards money was important, if they did not increase their income, we would go hungry and we also wouldn’t be educated. If money isn’t increased it diminishes. The parable of the talents shows us how we need to be …

I Was An Intern But I Was Loaning Money To Salary Earners

While growing up, money seemed to be one of the scarcest commodities.  Because of scarcity, people have had to become innovative and creative to be able to come out of the trap of poverty. When a young man starts thinking of money, in one way or another it is pointing to the fact that this medium of exchange is important and that he needs it to do a few things. From the clothes we put on, to the water we drink and the bills we pay, it all has something to do with money.
While growing up, I was good at making “WIRE CARS”, these are cars made out of wires. One day a primary school friend of mine wanted one of my cars so badly, and because I envisioned some nice doughnuts I loved to eat, I told my friend, he could buy it at 500 Ugx (current dollar rate it’s $ 0.14). That was a turning point in my life, I learnt how to offer a service or create a product that would have value for money. The only problem was that I saw an opportunity to have money to consume.
While having a chat with a youn…