Tuesday 1 December 2015


I just want to MAKE THIS BOLD STATEMENT on WORLD AIDS day,‪#‎JesusHeals‬.. 

I wasn't paying much attention to the importance of this day and I am not sure how it started but one thing I know is that AIDS has affected all of us, directly or indirectly, and this is my prayer this day, that the healing hands of God will touch as many and redeem and restore their bodies, my prayer as well is that many will heed the warning about sexual immorality and stop indulging in acts that are not pleasing before God, 

My prayer is that God will reign in Uganda and more so in our hospitals and touch the medical doctors and physicians and that there will be no malice from those who practice who test in labs and declare wrong results instead of the true ones because they have been bribed to hide one's status, 

My prayer is that as doctors draw blood and inject mothers or anyone that they will need inject blood that is infected out of negligence but that they will have sober minds as they work.. 

My prayer is that stigma will be no more towards those suffering with AIDS and accept them as normal people who breathe the same air we breathe and eat the same food we eat, 

My final prayer is that God will eradicate all kinds of disease out there because he sent his word and healed all our diseases and that we as his people will not be ignorant of things, for people perish because of lack of knowledge‪#‎MakeThisDayMemorableByPrayingForSomebodyWhoIsSick‬

..Until I Was Taught...

While Growing Up, I did not know much about Race Until I was taught,

I had friends who came from different parts of Uganda and the so called thing of tribe did not bother us until we were taught how not to like a certain tribe or hate them for this or that.

We never looked at our skin color and judged one another until we were taught, that black is bad and brown is good, we were given false identities compared to what God gave us.

Even though some of us came from poor back grounds, we shared the same play ground or desk with those who were more privileged and our status never bothered us until we were taught not to associate with those who dressed badly or were poor or ......

School united us instead of dividing us, the play grounds united us because we had to play with one another, the classrooms united us because we were taught by the same teachers, the exams united us because we had to discuss and learn from one another, but until we were taught certain things like hatred, tribalism, sectarianism, we remained innocent people.

Why can't we invoke the innocence we once exhibited, Why can't we love as God purposed us to love, Why do we have to be picky yet we can choose to be a blessing to all, Why do we have to say my tribe or color is more superior yet we are all equal in God's eyes, we have been shaped by the wickedness in this world and the trend seems to continue down to the children that are born today...

I can come from Gulu and still be your friend even though you come from Kisoro, Butaleja, Buganda, Kabale, koboko etc

I am glad to be in a family that has intermarried from many parts of Uganda and I believe such marriages have broken the tribal divide, have broken the hatred divide, It gives no room to hate some other tribe or person and you start loving them because you have relatives all over, it is a testament that God can unite people who once did not like one another, it still shows that certain cultural norms that were once taught by our fore fathers and were putting many in bondage has been loosed and broken, it is testament that I can choose to learn and speak another language just like English and not be labelled a traitor.. The Children born today and after might stop saying am from here or there and start saying we are Ugandan, we are all children of God.

Having grown up and having studied the bible for sometime in few years of living, I am convinced that Jesus did not come to preach about or bring a new religion, He came to introduce as to the one and true Government, the kingdom of God, Religions is surely man made and yet the kingdom of God is about God reaching out to us, We cannot kill one another and say God told us to do so, as a matter of fact his word teachers that whoever hates a brother, he has already committed murder. I don't have to hate you because you believe in something else, I have to love you like Jesus and point you to what he teaches and what is true, I have no opinion and my opinion can't hold any water but  I stand on God and on his word that unites us all and holds this universe together, the greatest teacher on love is Christ himself,

As I conclude we need to watch out what we teach people and more the children of this generation and the ones to come, when we teach them in the way of God, we will have all won and we will have rescued a generation and generations.

While you have your dinner at home, let it be a time to remind and teach your family the foundation in Gods word. While you have breakfast or take your children to school, point them back to God's word, let the family time and home be a bedrock of God's very word and let truth be learnt from Father's and Mother's, you will have shaped the many leaders that will emerge tomorrow.

God bless you as you reflect through this little write up.

Lessons From Magufuli Point To Great Personal Financial Literacy

Lessons From Magufuli Point To Great Personal Financial Literacy
I don't think Magufuli, the Current President of Tanzania just started cutting costs out of the blue, I believe so much it has been a journey of self governance and living by example.. whatever he is doing is not far fetched it is real, he is living by principles that work and have been shunned by many who choose to work for their own interests and deny many the benefit of the very common good.. There is something we can all learn... 
People's minds are getting to ask the question, What Would Magufuli Do? And I believe that we should personalize it and also ask ourselves the same question, What Would We Do?... 
Personal finance when done well it will affect the general outlook of your life, when you embody values that not only benefit you but many, you will have influenced many lives by the great decisions you make.. let this be a personal challenge to check through and examine our lives most especially in line with God's word.

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