Thursday 21 December 2017

You Are Not Less Than What You Ought To Be

A story is told of Jimmy (not real name), he comes from a poor background. For him to study he had to be enrolled in a school that is housed within one of the churches I know. His family would some days go hungry, if things were so bad, they would sleep when they have taken a cup of tea without sugar. However while listening to Jimmy's story he said that he envisioned something good coming out of him irrespective of the circumstances. 

This picture depicts the kind of work Jimmy did 

He would get home, boil maize and go sell it along the market streets of a suburb in Kampala called Kitintale. He said the money from the maize would help contribute to his school fees and besides that he would also go dig and plant potatoes and do other things to improve his lifestyle and that of his siblings. As I write this article Jimmy is in University and he is a big testimony of what it takes to believe that "You Are Not Less Than What You Out To Be". 

Jimmy gives back to the school that educated him by sharing his story. He once said, "I knew that hawking maize was a temporary thing I had to do, but that wouldn't be my final destination". This young man through hard work, determination and the great opportunity to study at a cheap rate, did not sit back in self pity but chose to create his own path, I can boldly say he is destined for good and greater things. He prayed but also knew that prayer wasn't enough, he needed to put his talents and ideas to work, he needed to study while working to fend for his family and fees. Nothing really comes easy.

This proverbs says a lot about our lives
Proverbs 26:11 As a dog returns to his own vomit, So a fool repeats his folly.
12 Do you see a man wise in his own eyes? There is more hope for a fool than for him. 13 The lazy man says, “There is a lion in the road! A fierce lion is in the streets!”
One of the worst things that can ever happen to man kind is to devalue themselves. Devaluing oneself is happening a lot on the premise of comparison. It is like putting a final say on your future and put a nail to the coffin. Someone looks at another person and says that, "they have everything". They start shooting themselves down by saying, "I am nothing", "I can't add any value to this life and the life of others", "I am not as beautiful or educated like that person or my background is the one that has caused me to be like this, I wish i was from a rich family".

I have come to discover that I am uniquely created and that there can never ever be anyone like me. I have changed my mindset towards myself and I declare that "No One Is Better Than Me" so is no one better than you. What makes us look at others in a different lens in relation to our lives is always the sense of competition. People become great or better in their lives because they know their IDENTITY, they have knowledge that you don't know, they use their time well and convert it into tangible results. 

Ben Carson's Story
When I read the book THINK BIG by Ben Carson , his story moved me and one of the lines that stuck to my head is the words his mother told him. She said "Only You Can Do It Better". Ben and his brother Curtis were doing so bad in school that their grades were not the best. His mother was a janitor and while cleaning the homes of the rich people she worked for, she observed their lives and realized that they hard more libraries than  TVs, she cut down on how much Television they were watching and told them to go to the public library and after every read up, they needed to give her a report not knowing she was illiterate, however her gamble worked out and the man I am writing about became the best in school and was the first Doctor to separate co-joined twins. Some times we need to show people their worth and tell them, "What others do, they too can do and only do it better". In telling them so, we are igniting a fire and a passion for them to rise up from the pit of despair to the top of the mountain of possibilities.

There are certain standards the world gives that our parents try so much to model us into. There are times you will hear people say that if my child doesn't go to such and such a school then they won't fit in society. I agree that some schools are below the standard but not all schools are bad.

There is also a certain mindset of who our children should relate with, the kind of company they should grow in, it is good for us to be cautious and teach our children about bad company and also about good company however sometimes we shield our children from those who are suffering and they grow up not appreciating that we need to reach out to those who are hard pressed, we need love without holding back, but we teach our children to shun, abuse and walk out, some of the worst things children learn is actually not from school but from their parents who bring them up.

My prayer is that my wife and I will parent our children with better understanding, they can't have everything they want when the money isn't there to buy. Many times we would ask our mother and father this or that, but they weren't able to afford, and the pressure would come because our friends had bicycles, they had colored TVs while for us we had a black and white TV with no bicycles. 

If Children aren't taught the truth, they end up thinking life is only about accumulating things for oneself. I wouldn't have been able to learn how to ride a bicycle if my child hood friends did not share and teach me too.

This is what the bible says about me and you #ValueYourSelf and Get Out Of Self Pity and Re-write Your Story, God's Plans For You Are Amazing (Jeremiah 29:11)

1. Created In The Image Of God Genesis 1:26-27
2. Child and Son Of God John 1:12, Romans 8:14-17
3. Crowned With Glory and Honor Psalm 8:3-5
4. Given Authority Psalm 8:6, Genesis 1:28
5. All Things Are Under My Feet Psalm 8:6
6. God's own special person 1 Peter 2:9
7. Am called To Be Fruitful 2 Peter 1:5-9 
8. Called To Make My Calling and Election Sure 2 Peter 1:10-11

To be continued.. part 2

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Tuesday 19 December 2017


This thing called attitude is a powerful force in life. It has helped many to change the course of events in their lives and in the lives of others. It has also destroyed many especially if it is a bad one.

I remember before I got married, I wanted to leave home and you know start renting (We know what comes with renting, you really have to be prepared, you have to count the cost and have it in your monthly plan - sometimes we move out by faith and somehow make it through). But my mother Norah Acan decided that instead of renting, I save the money for the ultimate purpose of starting off our marriage. I sat back and thought deeply about it and I realized that my mother's attitude towards my life and future wife's well being was paramount to her. Thank you mum for teaching me the valuable principle of preparing and putting money aside to help in my walk, I draw a lot of lessons from it. 

Today I reflect upon this thing called Attitude and I realize strongly that if we had a certain view of life and it is with a lot of optimism, we can not only help ourselves but more so help others to thrive too. Your attitude can light up someone's life and help them change theirs as well. So even when it has been hard, our attitude can come into play to help us thrive in the hardest of moments.
Everyday when we hear people talk, their outlook on life is that it is so hard, some even say that nothing comes without struggle, but if there were no struggles we wouldn't appreciate the process in getting to our promised lands. 

See this classic example from Habakkuk 3:
16 I trembled inside when I heard this; my lips quivered with fear. My legs gave way beneath me,[e]
    and I shook in terror. I will wait quietly for the coming day when disaster will strike the people who invade us.
17 Even though the fig trees have no blossoms, and there are no grapes on the vines; even though the olive crop fails, and the fields lie empty and barren; even though the flocks die in the fields,
    and the cattle barns are empty,
18 yet I will rejoice in the Lord! I will be joyful in the God of my salvation!
19 The Sovereign Lord is my strength! He makes me as surefooted as a deer,[f]
able to tread upon the heights.

Let us change the way we view life. Joshua and Caleb refused to look at themselves as grass hoppers and instead said we can take these GIANTS down, let us "Take it up at once"
Do you have a problem with your thought lines? Are you affected in the way you view life? Have the situations you have gone through changed the way you look at life? This is what The apostle Paul said, “Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable — if anything is excellent or praiseworthy — think about such things and the God of peace will be with you” (Philippians 4:8).

In relation to the above statement, this article can help shade more light and motivate you to have a good attitude.

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Monday 18 December 2017

Pay Yourself Since No One Is Paying You

We live in a culture that is consumer driven. This consumerism is being fueled by TV Adverts and also the desire for the good life. People have no restraint or self control at all and they want to live like millionaires or billionaires without understanding the principles they have lived by to get where they are. They are eating up their future without knowing and they keep saying that the economy is bad or the government doesn't care. So many people want to fake it to make it just for the sake of being ranked among the *Rich Ones*. We first get rich in our values, in our minds before we can get rich in our pockets. In any case being rich isn't about money, if money made people rich even a church mouse would say I am rich. The intent of people is to be famous and not really to help humanity, we need to remember that these things are vanity, so we must take charge instead of them controlling us.

Today my dear reader I want to talk about how you can build a financial future. My sharing is best on things I have observed and things I have put to practice. I have come to learn that nothing beats a testimony especially if it has worked for you. We have been told by people or pastors or prophets that we shall prosper by sowing seed, or that miracles will come when we give our last money to whatever. It is written that “He who has a slack hand becomes poor, but the hand of the diligent makes rich.” -Proverbs 10:4

Everyday of the week, there is something that is taking your money away, it could be transport, it could be rent, it could be airtime or data services, it could be bills that you have to pay or food that you have to buy, it could be that church or fellowship that is always asking for all sorts of offerings given code names. it could be that restaurant you visit everyday. The first thing that happens to our minds is to spend money whenever we get it. This is natural to those who have not been trained to understand that there are certain principles that govern money.

When we read the parable of the Talent, the Master gave his servant five talents, another two and another one. He did not give instruction on what to do with the money but came back and asked for accountability and we know that the one with five, made five more, the one with two, made two more and the one with one, buried it. The one who did not invest was called a wicked servant.

I learn very important things from the parable of the Talent, that before the servant with five or two talents spent their money, they actually invested and got back the original money, how did this happen? what strategies did they use to make sure the money doubled, that they had the original one back.

Reading from many financial experts, they will tell you to have a percentage that you will use to pay yourself. As Christians we encourage you to have 10% a side for your tithe and then between 15-30% to pay yourself depending on your income levels. The first step to building and securing your financial future is through saving (Paying yourself). The money that you are paid from a sell of a book, from salary or any business transaction isn't paying yourself. People will believe that because money has come into their account, they have paid themselves.

Normally what happens after we have got money, the list of expenditure is long, fixed costs like rent, bills, loan repayment etc are the things we will rush to pay, so we end up making those people or service provides rich since they are taking many out of our pockets and nothing is left for us. A wise person said don't spend and save later, save first then spend what is left.  

Before the Land lord gets money make sure you have paid yourself first. If you receive money from one bank account, open another where the percentage of paying yourself will go to. It is important to have a clear goal or purpose for the money you are putting aside, making it sit in the bank without a clear purpose could benefit you but not to the full potential because if you have places to invest that can make the money work or grow for you, then you find yourself making the original money you got at the end of the month or from the business transaction.

Don't be pressured to live the good life or keep up with the Joneses, plan your financial future. I have seen the power of using a standing order work for me and my family. Each time we get money, it is already planned for on paper before it is physically used up. A portion is saved and we realize everyday that what we do isn't for our satisfaction but to enable us be a blessing and to also beat the trap of poverty. No one will PAY you if you don't pay yourself.

Points to note
  1. Decide how much to pay yourself
  2. Set a savings goal
  3. Create a separate account different from your current one and create a standing order, it could be a high yielding savings account or fixed account or Unit Trust Fund, or with an Investment Club/Sacco etc
  4. Leave that money alone and don't yield to temptation

To understand a little bit more about saving, click here

Wednesday 13 December 2017

You Opened My Eyes

“Your current status in life is always an indicator of how hardworking or slothful you were in the past. Hard work always speaks and reveals whether or not you wasted your life in slothfulness in the past” – Dr Sunday Adelaja

Throughout this year 2017, while walking in our neighborhood where I stay, I decided to be a blessing to someone close to me. While talking about everyday life, I challenged this person to believe in themselves and to know that it is not too late in life and that things can get on track. I told the person that we have so many opportunities around us and opportunities are presented in our everyday problems, our everyday needs and our everyday challenges and stresses of life. 

We keep dreaming about a better life and do nothing about it, we keep saying when I get this job or break through deal then things will be OK, the problem about this thinking is that it makes someone sit back with great hope but with nothing to show for their time while waiting for the big break through, yet their break through could actually come in converting their time into tangible results.

Opportunities Are in Problems

I talked to the person and told them how I have started looking at problems with a different perspective (see opportunities – blessings in disguise) but I told him that when we sit back and do nothing, we only add misery to the hip of our problems. I had just finished talking about OUR ATTITUDE TOWARDS MONEY AND THE VALUE OF HARD WORK on a Sunday service, so our talk evolved a lot around many of the things I had shared. 

I then told him see this space, we can do this and that together, we can partner in this kind of venture. I told him see these tree seedlings, someone who doesn’t have them might need them and for them to get it, they can pay you for it. So one day I told him to escort me to a project that my wife and I are doing, I then told him, put for me two seedlings of this tree in the trunk of the car. After we reached our destination, I told, Here is your payment for the tree seedlings. He looked at me and smiled and I told him, “Don’t be afraid to sell a product or a service, be very proud of what you do”. I then said, you planted these seedlings, you nurtured, you spent your time and energy, why should I take it for free as much as I know you can give it to me free, why not pay for your service and add value to your life.

Change In Attitude

A few months down the road. One of the ideas we had talked about started becoming tangible. It moved from just being an idea or words, we started putting the words into action. The most important thing that came out of our talk was attitude change. He would tell me, Arthur, You talked about getting me money to put this up, here is where I can get this and that cheaply. Even without much money in my pocket, I would get the little I had and would put it there. Every penny was recorded. We got pieces of wood, iron sheets, he already had nails and we built a poultry structure.

Today as I write this article my dear reader, we have a Poultry project and we sell local birds to people within our vicinity and it is doing well especially in this festive period. Change of attitude has demands, it calls for humility, it calls for coming out of your comfort zone, it calls for breaking routine and doing things in another way that brings results. It calls for appreciating the process because it is as important as the result.

One of the beautiful things about our partnership is that, he started telling me that he knew where he could get very good chicken this was because of his experience of working in the field, so even without injecting much capital to bring the chicken, the people he knew said that we could get the chicken and even pay later, this gave us energy. We managed to pay the guys from the source much later after we had made some sales.

Ideas Need To Be Put To Work

It is not enough for us to just talk, talk, talk and talk. Whatever ideas drop into our minds; those are indicators of what we should do, indicators of our purpose and calling for a given time. I am reminded him of a saying, that we are God’s workmanship created to do good works (Ephesians 2:10). So many times we sit back waiting on miracles to happen instead of making the miracles. A wise man once said that “No miracle can make you successful in life if you refuse to work hard”. Collin Powell said these powerful words, “A dream doesn’t become a reality through magic, it takes sweat, determination and hard work”

You Opened My Eyes

Right now my partner is onto another project, and all this is because he says that, “Arthur You Opened My Eyes”. I wouldn’t have opened his eyes if I did not believe in him, I wouldn’t have opened his eyes if I did not see that anything good can come out of him. I am eternally grateful that my time with this person has given him new energy to think beyond one project. To me it is a testimony that we should add value to a persons life, we should encourage and give hope to people, we should cause them to believe once again in God and in the abilities he has given them. 

Pictures Of What Of Some People In My Neighborhood To Be Are Doing

I saw the above pictures in my neighborhood and I concluded with this statements in my mind. “While others are complaining about how life is unfair, others are finding ways to make life better by using what they have, I would rather be the latter, nothing is insignificant unless you make it to be

I would like to conclude with this quote from Dr Sunday Adelaja

There was never a man in history who became a workaholic who did not succeed in life. Through hard work, all your dreams and inspirations in life can become a reality

Let us be the eyes of our neighbors, Let us be the ears of our friends, Let us be the agents of change for our nations, let us work together, individually, corporately, in partnerships, in saving groups, investments groups to kick poverty of our lives, families, and respective countries.

Wednesday 22 November 2017

Understand Your Financial Seasons

“…. Winter is coming, how prepared are you? Because after that the sun will shine again to give us hope to get out once more and do a lot more before another winter season…”

Life has its cycles and it is true that you have to go through them. It is written that there is seed and harvest time. There is night and day, rain and sunshine. To you my dear reader, you are probably getting out of one season and getting into another.

I have heard this statement countless times, “There is a time for everything”. Now let’s talk about financial seasons. We need to know how our economy runs, and one of the ways we can know is when there are a few disruptions to the norm of life, one of the clearest indicators is when the price of fuel is sky rocketing, this has an impact on almost everything we purchase. There is a time I lamented why I did not buy Sugar in bulk yet that is what we normally did, the price went up so high that making juice at home was becoming a night mare, however the wholesaler we always buy from gave us sugar at a discount, I told myself that, “it is good to plan ahead because of a lot of uncertainty.”

Joseph and Egypt’s Story

Pharaoh had a dream and it was about the 7 years of plenty and the 7 years of famine. While listening to James Abola, co-author of “Make Sense of Your Money” and “Money and Marriage” he said that with the wisdom God had given Joseph, he made a 14 year budget. That budget was to take into account the 7 years of famine as well as the 14 years of plenty. We all know from the story of Joseph, the wisdom to store 20% of grain did not only save Egypt but also his family and neighboring countries (Even when money couldn’t buy they were GIVEN, eventually putting resources a side also help us give and support the needy). The grain was not to be touched until the 7 years of famine was to start, every saving plan we have should have a clear goal or higher purpose.

The question is what do we do in times of plenty? There are people who feel like a budget will restrict their lifestyle and rob them of pleasure. People are normally encouraged to budget even for pleasure. When you start budgeting, it helps you PRIORITIZE, you stop spending life and start living. It takes wisdom to discern and envision the end from the beginning. I hope we can start doing these uncomfortable things (making a budget) so that we can we can create comfort tomorrow. You will realize that stress starts dropping because you have started planning.

So many of us have probably been in that time frame where everything else was going well, if you are the type who is in formal employment, sometimes you might think that this job will take care of me forever, forgetting that entrenchment can happen, a company can choose to downsize or even terminate your services or you can choose to resign and venture into your own business. Even as business people, plan, businesses have cycles, when things are going well and when they aren't.
James said that, “The biggest challenge is, we don’t plan enough in times of plenty.” He also said that, “In your time of plenty save, whenever you are earning that’s when you save”. He then cautioned us and said if God can plan, why shouldn’t we plan? He quoted Jeremiah 29:11 where God says, … “I know the plans I have for you, plans to……”.

Take a lesson from the ants

It has been said and written that Ants have no ruler, no leader, no council or government but they work together to gather in harvest because they know that winter is coming. Ants have a clear purpose of why they gather, if they don’t do so, they will die of hunger. Ants are a clear example of how we should handle our lives, with little strength and strength in their unity and numbers, they are one of the most productive creations of God.

The truth about life is this, hard times will come, a time when you don’t have enough, to avoid lack, we need to be as strategic as Joseph and the Ants. It is an act of faith. James mentioned in his sermon that hadn’t there been a boy with two fish and five loaves that he had saved, then how would have God multiplied what wasn’t there, the story basically tells us that God will use what is in our hands, it is written that he guarantees a blessing on our store houses. So what do you have in your hand to start whatever you want to do – ask yourself and examine and act?

My Story

I remember gathering coins that would be left after the purchase of an item or payment of a service. I happened to save close to 500,000 Ugx ($ 138), this money helped in many ways, this made my resolve to use the times of earning wisely and till to date, the principle of putting a side a proportion of my income from my salary or businesses I do, has helped greatly in everyday life.

There is a time at my workplace, something happened to my salary. For almost 2-3 months I was not getting paid yet others were, there was something wrong with my account details and it took time to get it sorted out, the coins I had been putting a side took my family and I through some of the tough days. I did not have to beg for anything because we also had other savings. We decided that we needed to also increase our income at that time and the same money helped us do a few things here and there. Around this time, I learnt the importance of building an emergency fund, this is good wisdom I learned from Dave Ramsey. He recommends starting with $ 1000 (3,600,000 Ugx). You can be helped in uncertain times when you take such simple acts seriously.

James’ Points to a good saving plan
  1. Be wise and have discernment
  2. Save proportion of your income
  3. Save in a secure place
  4. Have a Purpose
James concluded his talk by saying, “We don’t save because we are wasteful”. This reminds me of a scripture I have always shared, Proverbs 21:20 “The wise have wealth and luxury but fools spend whatever they get”. If Joseph did not take heed to the instructions of God concerning that dream, generations would have been killed, but I learn from this that one act of wisdom will not only save an individual but nations at large. Let us be wise in the way we handle the resources given to us by God.

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Tuesday 7 November 2017

Attitude Towards Money And The Value Of Work Part 3

I used to think that money would come immediately because I had studied, got an upper second class degree. I thought I would apply for jobs and get them automatically because my papers were good. This wasn’t the case.

I walked the streets of Kampala applying for jobs, I even knocked on some doors and asked to start as a volunteer. Looking for a job became my job because our education system is simple but holds us captive, go to school, study hard, and get a job. The era we are in is a time where jobs are increasingly scarce because they aren’t being created. There is systemic poverty. Inflation is high and the economy isn’t doing as well as we all expect. It is a cause for an alarm because the gap between the rich and the poor is widening every day. However every nation will face hard times, we need an industrial revolution to be able to create jobs with the vast resources Africa has. We aren’t poor at all but we are poor in our minds.

We need not give up though because there is still hope and a lot of opportunities that are presented in the problems we face as families, communities, organization and the nation at large. Such a time demands serious innovation and creativity, it’s the time for more entrepreneurs to come out of their shelves and weather the storm of taxes and still do business and create jobs for many.

To cut the long story short on my employment journey, I happened to start out as an intern for 4 months even when I was done with University, from that time I learned so much from the various opportunities that I got. I volunteered for 6 months in an organization and I learned so much, I was given lunch every day as I did add value to the place. I still couldn’t get a formal job but with grit and not giving up I still got training opportunities that came with their own challenges but I kept pushing on and growing every day. As experience started coming in, confidence kicked in and the doors for jobs opened. But now I strongly believe we need both the formal and informal workforce, they can still be given training, vocational training is so important that they can create more jobs for our nation.

From the book Money Won’t Make You Rich by Dr. Sunday Adelaja, I have read some insights that have clearly spoken about my life up until now. There are things I was doing that have made more sense through the insights of this man, there is a strong biblical backing for what God tells us in his word.
  1. Money doesn’t come to us because we are Christians - “The Bible says God gives us the power to make wealth. Notice that God doesn’t give wealth, He gives the power to get it. Unfortunately, many Christians are still hoping and thinking that just because they are Christians, God is obliged to give them wealth.” – Dr. Sunday Adelaja Deut. 8:18
  2. Money doesn’t come to us because we are good, we have seen so many good people who aren’t doing well in this area, I personally have seen this happen in my life, and we have to be good but also work.
  3. Money doesn’t come to us because we are educated, in my journey for hunting for a job after school, my education did not immediately get me a job.
  4. Money doesn’t come to us because we have businesses, we have seen so many businesses come and go, it isn’t as easy as we think, and it takes diligence to run a business and the patience to reap from it over time. Some people have run fake business in order to earn, some of supplied fake goods in order to earn, some have exploited others in business by not even paying their workers and at the end of the day, they crumbling down.
  5.  Money doesn’t come to us because we pray a lot but comes to those who pray for ideas to create wealth. I know that we can get a lot from praying to God, but the same bible is clear about time, a time to sleep, a time to work, a time to cry, mourn, etc, after we are done with prayer, we must engage in work, prayer should be so important that we don’t miss engaging in it to build our relationship with God but we only use it to create a list asking God for this and that and many times, a financial breakthrough is a major one, we should start praying to God for ideas to create wealth as well not only money.
  6. Money doesn’t come to us because we are the best seed sowers or tithers or givers. We have seen people give and give and give and still remain the same, it is true for us to sow, but we need to be cautious and also led of the God to sow in the right place, when it comes to giving, don’t give to get because that is a wrong mentality, Give to be a blessing. We have seen many philanthropists giving away their wealth to charity, most times they don’t expect to be given back, they keep working to help better the world and better the lives of people. It is written in Mathew 23:23 NLT “What sorrow awaits you teachers of religious law and you Pharisees. Hypocrites! For you are careful to tithe even the tiniest income from your herb gardens but you ignore the more important aspects of the law, justice, mercy, and faith. You should tithe, yes, but do not neglect the more important things.”
  7. Money doesn’t come to us because we claim it or covet it or steal it, or be corrupt – ill-gotten wealth dwindles away. “After naming and claiming, you need to show diligence in your work. You need to show the virtue of hard work. You need to display your dedication to the principle of the dignity of labor” – Dr. Sunday Adelaja
  8. Money doesn’t come to us because we have a good credit history or asked for a bank loan. I once tried asking for a bank loan and my bank denied me, I even told them that I have good savings with you guys and this can be used as collateral. They said it wasn’t possible because they weren’t giving out loans at the time. The pressure to get a loan was coming from around me when the bank refused, I told myself, I will keep putting money aside to raise it and do what I needed to do with my wife. As I write I have never taken a bank loan. I believe the word of God is true from Deuteronomy 28:12, It says … you will lend to many nations, but you will never need to borrow from them. I am not saying I haven’t got money from friends and family, I have but not from the bank. I have had my fair share of borrowing here and there but you never get peace until someone is paid off, I rather have no debt except the debt of love.
  9. Money won’t come to us because we keep quoting that the wealth of the wicked is ours, it can only be ours when we produce goods and services. This is what Dr. Sunday Adelaja had to say about wealth transfer that I strongly believe it is true. Someone like Paul in the bible did not only preach but he was also a tentmaker.

I have done fumigation business, sold yellow York eggs in exchange for money by meeting the needs of people. I have lent money at interest and also been given money for services of teaching that I do. I have earned from my ICT Skills by offering ICT services as well. I have done the transport business (Uber) and private transport services and I have made money as well. When you offer a service people need, you get value for money.
  • The wealth of the world will only come to you if you are good enough in what you do, because the Israelites were good at what they did in Egypt before the wealth of Egypt came to them
  • Secondly, the wealth of the world will only come to you if you produce better products than your competitors, that is when you are a good representative of the Kingdom of God and God will honor you for that
  • Thirdly, for any wealth to come to you, you must be busy producing either goods or rendering services. If you are only claiming promises, you will end up being disappointed at the end of the day.
  • For Christians to begin to enjoy the blessings of prosperity and wealth, it is high time for churches to begin to teach and educate their members, not just on how to give and sow seeds, but also in how to produce goods and services. There is no prosperity without goods or services.

The real reason behind poverty is not because of our backgrounds, not because of our environment,
“The real reason behind poverty is THE IGNORANCE OF THE LAWS OF MONEY.  It is that ignorance that later leads to a lack of discovery, it leads to a lack of productivity, it leads to a lack of sales, it leads to a lack of opportunities, it leads to a lack of services, etc.”
– Dr. Sunday Adelaja

The first place to be wealthy is in your mind, not your pocket. That means that even when you start making money and accumulating wealth, it can always be made even when you have a setback because you know what brings in money and what takes it out. We can kill the poverty of the mind by investing in our minds, through reading and study, remember “my people perish because of the lack of knowledge – Hosea 4:6”.

One of the laws of money that I have painfully learned to apply and discipline my wife and myself with has been the principle of saving, and not saving to consume but saving to invest. We have seen this work based on the stories of the Ants in Proverbs 6 (they have no leader but gather in summer for winter) and The Story of Joseph in Genesis 41, after interpreting the dream of Potiphar about the 7 Lin cattle and 7 healthy (fat cattle), he interpreted this by saying as God gave him insight that there would be 7 years of famine and 7 years of harvest. 

The question I normally would ask anyone is, “what do you do when you are earning?” Everyone has earning seasons and a dry time where the business isn’t going on well or winter season where there is not much farm productivity. What we do when we earn can enable us to secure the future not only for ourselves but also for our very own households and the world at large. Egypt was saved during the 7 years of famine but so was Joseph's family and the neighboring countries. The 1/5 of grain or 20% given to Potiphar sets a benchmark on how we can also plan the finances that come to us. God gives us the wisdom to create systems that will not only enrich us but act as a safety net for many people or generations. Let us be wise in our dealings and be prepared, Jesus Christ said that before you build a house, count the cost, it is important to PLAN and then commit the plans to God.

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