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You Are Not Less Than What You Ought To Be

A story is told of Jimmy (not real name), he comes from a poor background. For him to study he had to be enrolled in a school that is housed within one of the churches I know. His family would some days go hungry, if things were so bad, they would sleep when they have taken a cup of tea without sugar. However while listening to Jimmy's story he said that he envisioned something good coming out of him irrespective of the circumstances. 
This picture depicts the kind of work Jimmy did 
He would get home, boil maize and go sell it along the market streets of a suburb in Kampala called Kitintale. He said the money from the maize would help contribute to his school fees and besides that he would also go dig and plant potatoes and do other things to improve his lifestyle and that of his siblings. As I write this article Jimmy is in University and he is a big testimony of what it takes to believe that "You Are Not Less Than What You Out To Be". 
Jimmy gives back to the school t…


This thing called attitude is a powerful force in life. It has helped many to change the course of events in their lives and in the lives of others. It has also destroyed many especially if it is a bad one.

I remember before I got married, I wanted to leave home and you know start renting (We know what comes with renting, you really have to be prepared, you have to count the cost and have it in your monthly plan - sometimes we move out by faith and somehow make it through). But my mother Norah Acan decided that instead of renting, I save the money for the ultimate purpose of starting off our marriage. I sat back and thought deeply about it and I realized that my mother's attitude towards my life and future wife's well being was paramount to her. Thank you mum for teaching me the valuable principle of preparing and putting money aside to help in my walk, I draw a lot of lessons from it. 

Today I reflect upon this thing called Attitude and I realize strongly that …

Pay Yourself Since No One Is Paying You

We live in a culture that is consumer driven. This consumerism is being fueled by TV Adverts and also the desire for the good life. People have no restraint or self control at all and they want to live like millionaires or billionaires without understanding the principles they have lived by to get where they are. They are eating up their future without knowing and they keep saying that the economy is bad or the government doesn't care. So many people want to fake it to make it just for the sake of being ranked among the *Rich Ones*. We first get rich in our values, in our minds before we can get rich in our pockets. In any case being rich isn't about money, if money made people rich even a church mouse would say I am rich. The intent of people is to be famous and not really to help humanity, we need to remember that these things are vanity, so we must take charge instead of them controlling us.

Today my dear reader I want to talk about how you can build a financial future. My…

You Opened My Eyes


Understand Your Financial Seasons

“…. Winter is coming, how prepared are you? Because after that the sun will shine again to give us hope to get out once more and do a lot more before another winter season…”
Life has its cycles and it is true that you have to go through them. It is written that there is seed and harvest time. There is night and day, rain and sunshine. To you my dear reader, you are probably getting out of one season and getting into another.
I have heard this statement countless times, “There is a time for everything”. Now let’s talk about financial seasons. We need to know how our economy runs, and one of the ways we can know is when there are a few disruptions to the norm of life, one of the clearest indicators is when the price of fuel is sky rocketing, this has an impact on almost everything we purchase. There is a time I lamented why I did not buy Sugar in bulk yet that is what we normally did, the price went up so high that making juice at home was becoming a night mare, however the wholesaler we …

Attitude Towards Money And The Value Of Work Part 3

I used to think that money would come immediately because I had studied, got an upper second class degree. I thought I would apply for jobs and get them automatically because my papers were good. This wasn’t the case.
I walked the streets of kampala applying for jobs, I even knocked some doors and asked to start as a volunteer. Looking for a job became my job because our education system is simple but holds us captive, go to school, study hard and get a job. The era we are in is a time where jobs are increasing scarce because they aren’t being created. There is systemic poverty. Inflation is high and the economy isn’t doing as well as we all expect. It is a cause for an alarm because the gap between the rich and the poor is widening every day. However every nation will face hard times, we need an industrial revolution to be able to create jobs with the vast resources Africa has. We aren’t poor at all but we are poor in our minds.
We need not give up though because there is still hope an…