When I Think About ...

It All Started With An Idea - Ideas are powerful especially when put to work
When I think about the Watch your wearing,
You are able to tell time just because someone sat down and thought, Instead of looking at the rising and going down of the sun, let me put something on their hands that can match the time of the day
When I think About the clothes your wearing,
Some one thought of not just covering you up but making you look good
When I think about the car you sitting in or driving,
Some one thought instead of trekking long distances and using horses, why not make a four wheeled car powered by an engine to take you from point A to B.
When I think about the house you are in,
Someone thought of making it that way so that you could not only have a roof on your head but that it could keep you warm when it is cold or protect you from thugs, bad weather etc
When I think about the Inspiration you are reading now,
The books you are reading now, the articles you are reading now, someone thought let me not just write anything but let me write what will either bring transformation or confusion both extremes catered for
When I think about the smart phone you have,
It was someone's idea that you wouldn't just be able to call and that's it, phones are now micro computers that can do almost everything a computer does, you can even print over the web wherever you are with gadgets powered to do so
When I think about the farms, Institutions, Schools, Banks, Friends, Jobs, etc
It was all an idea, the question I ask today , what are you doing with your thoughts? Do you have Ideas but can't be translated into reality or are you the one waiting for others to think for you.

If we all put our minds to think and bring forth solutions that can change the world, we could be solving today and tomorrows problems, Ideas are powerful only when put to task, Nothing is indeed possible, I marvel at the way it took Thomas Edison 10,000 attempts to create a working bulb, his thoughts and ideas did not just remain in his mind or paper he tried and tried thus today we can enjoy the benefits of light bulbs.

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