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You Don’t Have a Disadvantaged Brain

“You might have a had a disadvantaged background but you don’t have a disadvantaged brain” – Vusi ThembekwayoI happened to watch a video and the man Vusi was talking and he made the above statement, that statement triggered something in my mind. I looked back at the times I have blamed my background or some of the hard circumstances my family went through for not pushing myself in life. I have many times said that if I had parents like this or that then maybe I would not be where I am, I could be in a better place or have a better job or just have better connections.
They gave us an Education
When I look back, I now appreciate that we all have to value work, we need to work hard and use what God has blessed us with. Many times I tell people that my dad did not leave us with acres of land or property except the house that he and mum built which we are really grateful for. He passed away in 2001 while we were still young in our education and if it wasn’t for the grace of God and resilien…

The Book That Has Shaped Me In The Simplest Way Possible

Looking for a book on financial matters, I personally recommend Make Sense Of Your Money By James Abola and Phillip Karugaba This book has been a cornerstone to some of the things I have seen greatly happen in my life, it woke me up from slumber, In addition to having read the richest man in Babylon, there is one thing that I needed to do and that was and continues to be #ImplementThePrinciples

The book only goes for 20,000 Ugx, you can contact James Abola directly or go to Aristoc book store. Those who would want to get it on amazon, see this link…/…/B00JGJKVZ0
In one of the reviews on line, this is what Joseph Ronald Kasozi said,"This is a such a good read on making your money grow and work for you and even keep it ! .
The authors have given practical money tools for winning in life . Lets hope they can write more books along this line ."

He has also written one on Money and Marriage, I am yet to get this one as well, as families…

Never Ever Quit - The Impossible Can Be Done

JUST DON'T QUIT Have you ever felt like quitting, it happens to all of us but there are moments when instead of quitting, you just keep moving forward. God has built us in a way that we can have endurance, perseverance, grit etc, In-fact it is written that we shall reap in due season if we faint not. So don't give up the habit of doing good - it will reward you, your family, community, church and the nation at large. 
I find the message in this video very empowering. #JustDontQuit It can apply to any area of your life, pick out the principles and use them for everyday life.

After celebrating 55 years of Independence in my country Uganda which took place on the 09/10/2017, I pray for the day when you (my fellow Ugandans and readers from other parts of the world) and I will celebrate financial independence as well.  I strongly believe that when we begin to take charge of our lives and lead ourselves with the truths that we have got to know, then nothing is impossible. The journey of…

A Few Reflections When Faced With A Financial Crisis

I hope you are all doing well and enjoying the different resources that are being shared on this platform. You know it's not how much knowledge we have but how we use the knowledge - it's application is what brings transformation. At the beginning of this year, I happened to be a witness to some truths about life. Where I do work, we hadn't been paid for some time and some allowances had also delayed for a long time and mind you, people had got loans best on the allowances that were to be paid and also the institution was closed indefinitely. Despite people having salary loans, they also had loans from loan sharks and from colleagues within. The debt level increases because of multiple borrowing and also borrowing to service another debt. When we were paid eventually some people were still indebted because of multiple borrowing since whoever was owed wanted to be paid there and then. There a few lessons I learnt from this period in time. 1. Financial literacy is important

I have…

Do You Only Have One Saving Buffer like NSSF

“Don’t only look at NSSF as your only Savings, Create Other buffers & Invest to have more cash flows”
Recently NSSF Uganda announced it’s annual interest rate of 11.23% for financial year 2016/2017. This rate is lower than the 12.3% paid out for FY2015/2016. The bad economy sighted as one of the reasons for the drop on the fixed income earning portfolio,however it has been declared that the interest rate is still higher than the 10 year inflation rate of 8.68%.
I believe members who save with NSSF must have been very happy to receive message alerts on their phones about the interest that they were paid. I happened to tell my wife to do one thing. I asked her to divide that interest by 12 months and that she would know how much she would have earned per month. We did the division and came to the breakdown of how much she earned per month. Of course those who started working early and started saving early have surely benefited that tells you that they have been helped in many ways. ---…

The Long View Matters

The Long View Matters

One of the worst things in life is to be short sighted. When you are short sighted this means you can only see what is near and not what is far. When we plan our lives only thinking of today, we end up living for today but when we plan thinking of the future, whatever we do is on purpose and it has a long term tag to it. 

Some of the things that always are hard for people to put into practice is the habit of saving, I have often encouraged people to have a saving lifestyle and some will tell you such a thing isn't possible in the 21st century, people will still tell you, "I earn too little" or "My lifestyle can't be contained in a box, I have to live and enjoy life now because I can pass away anytime". Such narrow mindedness has made people do crazy things and spend their heads off, to make it worse, they live long enough to regret their mistakes when it is now too late.

I encourage someone out there to be wise in their actions. Dave Rams…