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You Don't Have To Be Old To Own A House

There is no greater story I have encountered today like the story of this young man called Nicholas Luwuge from Kalangala. The daily monitor of today has published a story of how he has built a two-roomed house see this link for more If there is any story of great inspiration today, it is from this young man. There is so much we can learn. 
We often look for INSPIRATION from very far, yet we have some of it just around us, The story of this young man should challenge all of us, A 13 Year OLD building a 2 roomed house, it might not be to the standard many of us want but the mere fact he did it through Hard Work, Desire to Change his mother situation and Saving money to make sure that he meets his goal of a house, this should be great inspiration for one to take in and sit back and think about all the resources they have and what it can do, you could be …