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Be The Channel/ Vessel of Change and Transformation

Have you ever wondered why you are blessed with what you have, Have you have sat back to ask why do i have this in my possession, Have you ever asked yourself why you are in the place where you are today, Have you looked around and asked yourself how can i be of help, Have you ever asked yourself how you got where you are today.
There is a notion that runs in our minds that we live for ourselves and us alone, true satisfaction can never come from self gratification because none of us is meant to live like that and more so with such thinking, we are more blessed when we share our lives, we are happier when we make someone else smile, it comes from the hearts of hearts, you want to see a life get better, you want to see a life improved.
When Istudy my life and look back, there are so many things i am grateful for even though i might have not had the best of times while growing up, but there are victories to look at and draw strength from, there are moments of joy to look at and say it was…


Picked this form one of our bible studies we did a year back or 2. It  blest me and it will bless u.
COURAGE Many a times we are faced with situations and challenges that test our courage.  Because we are not brave enough we lay back in fear, we refuse to proceed because we think we have not got what it takes. People who change the face of the world are courageous people, those who will walk above their fear and face all odds without giving room to worry and remorse.
Uncourageous people are those who discourage the weak and rob them too of their little faith that a mountain can be moved. Courage is giving up your fear for what’s in store for you irrespective of whether you have got what it takes or not but operating in faith and confidence in God hence believing him without a doubt to pull you through.
If God has spoken about your possession, about your future or even present it doesn’t matter who inhabits or who is in control, because you have an assurance that God is with you and he …

Walking you through it..

Hey Friends, Family, Colleagues....I fell on this document i wrote some years back and it blest me, thought i could share it with someone out there and tell you God will walk you through it....

Ever looked around you and seen everything fail, ever hoped and dreamed that you would be somewhere, ever thought that your turning point was right about that corner. 
Yes this happens a lot, in fact it does happen when you have worked harder than you expected, it happens when you have clinched a serious deal and the returns were worthwhile but what came of it was just peanut it wasn't even equivalent to the sweat that dropped from you. It wasn't equivalent to the amount of time invested and creativity imparted.

Sometimes you think that the only option is to drop back and fade away slowly and see all your efforts equate to zero. I think it’s when you get the disbelief that the choices you made are wrong, that nothing good can come out of you, that you are a nobody, that you are a failure.

Happy Father's Day to Mzee George William Nyeko

Just like a a glory of children is their Father, so has it been evident in my(our) life
Just like a leader in our home, so have you been in my(our) life
Just like a specter of hope and pride, so have you been in my(our) life
Just like a warrior in an army, so have you been in my(our) life 
Just like the tree that stands tall among many, so have you been in my(our) life

With your integrity and Humility, you have shown me(us) the way
With your big heart, you have shown me(us) how to Give
With your wide arms, you have shown me(us) not to discriminate
With your smile, you have made me(us) smile again
With your love, you have taught me (us) how to love

We can call on you anytime and call you Dad - you have brought us under your wings as Father of all
You have made us not fill empty even with the losses we have had especially for your brother my Father
Because of the Christ in you and the Christ in Maa' Irene - God had favor in us and we have walked in Salvation
When I told you a found a woman (Mart…