Friday 19 June 2015

Is Your LIFE SO SMOOTH that it makes you feel like you don't NEED GOD.

"Is Your LIFE SO SMOOTH that it makes you feel like you don't NEED GOD." 

This statement got me thinking. I remember when Job was doing all fine and well. God asked the Devil where he was and he said, "I was moving to and fro all over the earth." They had a brief talk and we all know what it ended up in. Not forgetting Job was an upright man but God trusted that he wouldn't turn a way from him and we all know how the story ended in #doubleportion.

But we shouldn't think that when troubles come, God has brought tragedy or hell over us - we shouldn't only expect Good, sometimes the bad will come, it could be even worse to a point where you lose your everything and more so a life.
There has been a deception that the enemy brings, and it lies in the so called things that we seem to derive happiness from, no amount of things that make our life comfortable and smooth are bigger than the God who lives in us, he is our ultimate peace, joy, love etc ..

Let God be the CAPTAIN of your life - Seek Jesus Today, He is just at the DOOR step of your heart.

God created you out of him and the desire for him will come out of the very fact that you have a piece of him (His very image)
God bless you as you make him you LORD AND KING of your life

Thursday 11 June 2015

Other People's Live's and their Stories Can Be A Major Push to Succeed

When we read about Joshua in the Bible, we see how God told him to arise and take on leadership, At that point Moses was no more. God told Joshua not to let the book of the law depart from him. Moses played a big part in making sure the laws and commands of God were followed. But we can see for sure that the life of Moses was encouraging in one way or the other, we can see that God told Joshua to be of Good Courage and that he would be with him. God was with Moses, his presence never left him and the same thing was being offered to Joshua. 

The stories and biographies of people are something we normally don't want to look into yet there is depth and wealth of wisdom, both from their failures and successes... While Reading About Jim Rohn, I found out this guy's life was surely a product of someone mentoring him in one way or the other. I found out that he rose from the lowest to the highest. I found out that he started giving personal development talks as a result of the things he had learned and how they shaped him.

While writing in his book "Five Major Pieces To The Life Puzzle ", He made this statement about potential that is so deep and can cut through to the depths of your heart. He said, and I quote

 "It seems that every life form on this planet strives toward its maximum potential ... except human beings. A tree does not grow to half its potential size and then say, “I guess that will do.” A tree will drive its roots as deep as possible. It will soak up as much nourishment as it can, stretch as high and as wide as nature will allow, and then look down as if to remind us of how much each of us could become if we would only do all that we can."

Today go and read up about someone, their story can help you and you wouldn't have to re-event the will - read the bible it has so many life and truthful and enriching stories that can change you, read about men and women today and in the past that have changed lives by some of the things they did - Thomas Edison failed so many times at the attempt of making a light bulb but eventually it happened. I don't know how best to say it but there is a road that so many have traveled, it is probably the same road though different challenges, however you can pick a leaf from their courage, attitude, determination, character, hard-work etc


Start Today and See the Change as time goes on

Friday 5 June 2015

The Deception Of These So Called Movies We Watch

When I was a little younger, movies back then were something everyone talked about and it was the era of VHS you know. I remember vividly watching one of my old time greats RAMBO - FIRST BLOOD from part 1 to the last.

The influence movies have on children is far-fetched to a point where we could try to act like these guys while playing but also such things led to bad fights in schools. Someone would want to be Rambo thinking they can beat and fight everyone, or another superman fighting badman, and the question would be let us see Who is the Badest? 
This influence is so deep that it goes beyond the subconscious mind and we find people actually want to live or act like what they have seen. Don't blame the so many hair styles introduced in the early 90s or dress codes whatever you could call it - today the fashion industry has made billions of money through showcasing their costumes or clothes in movies, music videos, drama etc.
I once had a weird thought at the time when LRA was at the height of its killing back in the 1998, I was in primary seven then and I once told a friend of mine that if the Government could just higher the services of Arnold Schwarzenegger he would be everyone and clear the whole of Kony and his rebels, but this thought was far fetched... and it wasn't possible then. 
But think about the influence it can have, imagine the things being created out there and the impact it has, sometimes we see people mad and we don't know where it came from, but there is lots of things happening that we don't know the source, It could just be coming from the screen you watch every evening or night before sleep, so watch out what you watch because the influence might be deeper than you think even upon you who thinks you have a sound mind. ‪#‎Movies‬ ‪#‎Influence‬

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