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Making WISE Money Decisions

Lately I have been in a place where by if you got it wrong on a decision for your life, it could be something that can bring about disappointment and a major setback. I have learnt that it is good to have a sober mind whenever it comes to making investments or anything that involves money. First of all, it is good to know what you want - in other words, do you have a PLAN for the future or for the short term, medium and long term investment. Without a plan, when money comes, it can go to anything not planned for and you wonder why a certain goal wasn't met. So Always have a PLAN in mind. The other point number two is to always seek CONSULTATION, In a many counselors there is wise counsel, when you walk with the wise you become wise as well. I have found out that seeking a second opinion will give you the opportunity first of all not to rush the decision but also to take time to evaluate if what you are going to do will meet your desired goals and values for your life and those in…