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Monday, 2 March 2015

Little by Little

It is really a hard thing for many of us to have patience, we are always wanting to live life on the fast lane where everything comes fast. I believe some of the reasons we are unhealthy is because of the concept of fast foods, It is always good to be patient and pick out things that you want at a steady pace. Little by little you will eventually get to where you want.
When it comes to money, It's even worse - the get-rich quick scheme is on the lips of everyone. If you asked someone a random question where they have been, they will tell you, "I have been looking for money". Sometimes this whole thing is driven many of us crazy and we have even lost touch with normal relationships in the name of wanting to get things quick. And when things are done quick, somehow dishonest ways are even propped in to facilitate the quick way of making money - I guarantee you some how you can never be happy and it will eventually disappear.
Having read and I still continue to read the Book of John C Maxwell titled "Becoming a person of Influence". I realized while he was talking about INTEGRITY and how it is one of the most important virtues of leadership. Sometimes the quick ways of making money have made us sell our integrity or exchanged it for a quick buck. Recently I was doing my private work on the side over the weekend and I made estimates of costs, My client asked me how much some items would cost and I just had a rough idea, but I told the Client that If I found the prices were cheaper than what I had estimated, I would bring back the balance, that is quite a hard thing to do but I did not want to break a potential client who can open doors for more and I also want to live a life honorable before God, I think there are profit margins that are also reasonable and these are questions we need to ask ourselves while doing work for people. One of the hardest things I have always battled with is "COSTING", But I think with consultation and more market research I can get a clear footing and also have good profit levels where the client am helping is satisfied with my work and I am also satisfied.
Wealth can be built little by little, am not talking only about money but I am talking about everything that pertains to life and godliness.
This scripture sums it up for me Proverbs 13:11[NIV] Dishonest money dwindles away, but whoever gathers money little by little makes it grow.
I have seen this concept of gathering little by little works and when your able to manage and be faithful in the little things, you will be able to handle bigger stuff as well. Don't be quick always calculate, think, be slow and make wise decisions.


  1. This in Nice Boss, Proverbs 13:11[NIV] Dishonest money dwindles away, but whoever gathers money little by little makes it grow....

    You are a gifted write. Keep writing... Teachability Expands Talent

    1. Thanks Man, Indeed as we keep reading from those who have written, we are influenced, like the books of John C Maxwell I can see you have quoted him and indeed he says it best.. am taking my time and reading bit by bit till i chew everything.. yeah teachability expands talent, it is so true


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