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Don't Stop In Your Journey, Take A Rest But Keep Moving

When I started out my life after CAMPUS, I happened to get an opportunity to do Internship at one of the Good Working places in Uganda. First of all, I wasn't supposed to be given internship since I had already finished University but I told the people I had gone to ask an opportunity, "All I Want To Do Is LEARN". After one week, I was called to go and start my internship. As I started growing and learning so many things, I became eligible to get a mini contract to be able to work full time. While such an opportunity kept presenting itself, I got involved in lunch hour prayers at work and this would be done promptly within the stipulated time of lunch which was indeed an hour. Then some day I was told by a few people within the HR department, that the Director HR did not like me because of MY FAITH in Christ Jesus [I hope its not true till today], However I was already getting even more popular because God had opened the door for me to share about the Kingdom at the wor…

There Is Value In "RUBBISH"

If someone looks at you and says you are rubbish, look at yourself and say this rubbish has value and make something good come out of it. It was some years ago when I was training at a certain government office. It was a good place with great opportunity for growth and exposure. My fellow trainees and I faced the wrath of an HR everyday as he called us names and no-bodys. Too bad I did not know Luganda very well but some of the things they would translate to me were just too much to comprehend that it would bring tears down our eyes. One day he said, "You will never amount to anything, you guys are a bunch of useless people, you don't even deserve to be here". Such words pained us so bad that we did not ever want to cross his path as if we had denied him something and probably that was the only way he could get back to us by threatening that he will send us away (FIRE) or refusing us to get a little stipend. We indeed reported such an issue to our Manager that eventually…