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The Digital WAR

Come to think about it, everything is on social media and this world or digital world has a lot to do with the way we run life today. Take for example the fact that business is run on facebook or twitter and other social media sites, How would someone block those sites yet they are giving the organisation /Institution /Company /Churches ? Secret Groups or Organisations ?Public figure {Be it Corrupt /Murderer/Satanist/Atheist/False Prophets or Good person etc} visibility - Take for example your working in a place where you want to block all or most PORN SITES but we forget that porn stars or organisations have also opened up facebook or twitter pages to promote sexual promiscuity. We all understand the need and know the power of social media and what it can do but it also has greater risks it comes with, As a parent or organisation you might think you have blocked all sites on your laptop or child's laptop or home or work networ…

Watch Out For Masquerading Prophets/Pastors/Teachers

Watch Out For Masquerading Prophets/Pastors/Teacher etc (the ones who aren't genuine) [I call them Impostors] who keep seeing things and then they tell you, you have to sow a seed for the problem to go away, When they pray for you, they tell you that you have another deeper problem and that you have to make a big sacrifice [people have lost property in the name of selling them for their healing or break through - 
I know when God has told me to sow a seed and it isn't dependent on him doing this or that for me but its for the work of the kingdom but am also very sure of what his word says that those who sow will reap.. but doesn't talk about being compelled or pushed, it is okay for someone to tell you why money is needed for this or that and its upon you to partner with them, God can't fail to bless you, for his word says in Galatians 6:9 that those who don't grow weary in doing good shall reap if they faint not] - You should never be compelled or forced to give it…

Take Away

If Marriage was based on skin color Take away the color of skin - what would you love in the person?
If making it in life was bases on tribalism Take away the tribe of a person - How would they succeed without it?
If love was based on material possession Take away the material possession - what would make the relationships last without it? Take a deep thought about this!
If knowledge and Great expertise is based on Race Take away the Race What would be the reason for the great knowledge people embody?
If being great was based on connections Take away the connections What would have made those who failed and were called no more or amount to nothing have been - Its recorded that Nothing good could come out of Nazareth but Jesus did come from there and he is the greatest, the saviour of the world
If success was based on luck Take away the luck What would be the real reason for success? would it be attitude, associations, vision, some shaped by their background etc
We Are All Made By God We all…