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Why Being Goal Oriented Is Still Important – part 2

On the 5th of February 2016, I posted an article titled Why Being Goal Oriented Is Still Important”. It’s one thing to set a goal and another to work it. Goal setting is like making a marriage proposal and committing yourself to walk through the journey of love in both the good and bad times, choosing to love no matter what, adjusting and changing yourself to accommodate the other person in your life. It takes work, time and commitment to realize what you put your heart into.
“Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible” – Anthony Robbins
As I had written in that article, my wife and I had the goal to build our home however we knew that for us to have a home, we needed a plot of land. We were able to get the land in our first year of marriage. It really took us making some deep sacrifices, we chose to live a modest lifestyle, nothing flashy but still happy within our means.

“If you don't have any goals in life, it is high time you start thinking of some …

Brace Yourself For Worse Economic Conditions but Remain Strong So That We Can All Sail Through And Triumph.

A good day to you all. I have been reading a lot lately and also hearing so much about our economy in the news. We all know that Parliament of Uganda has passed the Tax on Social Media, Mobile Money Tax and many others. We have come from a recent economic meltdown where a bag of cement was going for almost 40,000 UGX or $10.6  , the cheapest you would get was probably 35,000 UGX or $9.28 , it has reduced but it's affecting the development of infrastructure, i know of people who have put construction on hold just because of these high costs, imagine if you wanted to move to your place, what would you do? some just go in however bad the situation is, others wait. They say our taxation hasn't hit a high ceiling but even when you are buying a loaf of bread or fueling your car, you will realize that the normal fuel of 20,000 UGX or $5.30can no-longer do you good like it used to, now you need 10,000 UGX or $2.65 more. We also know that there are groups that are fighting this tax tooth…