Tuesday 17 January 2017

Some Jobs Are Not Attractive But They Are Gold Mines

While coming to work. This track was a head of me and I saw a young man sit in there. I know his job is to collect cabbage and he is paid for it by KCCA.

Every two weeks at home where my family and I stay. There is a young man with a family that used to come with a bicycle to pick rubbish. He did this for 3 families in our 6 rental units. However he would come when he has already picked rubbish from other places as well.
One day my wife and I were shocked to see a bike (boda boda) packed at our gate and we asked him whose bike it was and he said, "It is mine". This young man had upgraded from a bicycle to a motor bike and I was impressed.
From having more engagements with him. We also found out that the rubbish he collects he takes it to a place where he sells it in Butabika especially to those people who are in the business of making bricks because they use the rubbish to fill the areas that have been dug. So you can imagine. He comes picks rubbish and he is paid 2000 ugx for everyone he has picked from and then he sells what looks like rubbish to us yet to him it is a gold mine and he is paid for it. This is quite impressive.
We still found out that he rares pigs and from this story, I seem to understand that attitude towards work is key and that you and I can turn what seems to look bad into something good and we also have to be determined to grow.
I leave us with the scripture about DOING "WORKING". We need to think of GOOD even from some of these opportunities that don't present themselves with the white collar element.
Scripture Reference. Galatians 6:9 NLT "So let's not get tired of doing what is good. At just the right time we will reap a harvest of blessing if we don't give up"

Do You Have Plans - It Is Important To Commit To God, Think Through And Implement Them

Hello good people, been thinking about the different plans my family had and also some of the achievements my wife and I realized in 2016. I realized that in planning, it takes just a step of faith to begin or start whatever God has put in your heart. But until you step out you will not know that it can be done.
When we look back at some of the goals we had set out, we realized at least 50% was done. And resolution for 2017 is to keep going, keep building on the progress we had already made and to keep committing the Plans in progress and the new plans set so that God can establish them.
I have come to realize that God has given us so much potential, dominion and power and we can use these for success or failure. We are a choice away from making it or just being stagnant or failing. We forget there are lessons to learn from the mistakes made, we forget that failure is not our last name because we aren't less than what we ought to be. We have the power to choose what can come out of our lives. When the University was closed for 2 months, In that time I used the opportunity to explore UBER and I started driving clients around and I can tell you, if you have a bad attitude towards work then you will keep complaining about everything and everyone saying they don't care yet it really starts with you. That money paid our bills, that money did so much that I can't name none the less God used that opportunity to give us confidence, to open our minds to know that we can depend on him and that he can guide and give us wisdom and tell us what to do - He created us to do good works and to also work and not sit back thinking manna will fall from heaven yet actually. We continued to sell yellow york eggs made on order to our clients and these have kept us going up until now.
Some of the grit I have comes from the volunteering experience I had with FOCUS Uganda, instead of sitting home, My friend Omunyoro Damon K Wamara encouraged me to go volunteer and such experiences are humbling and they give you the right attitude in life, Am forever grateful to him.
Our plans couldn't stop because of a delay or because of a change in circumstance we had to keep looking up and only re-strategize and keep believing in God to see us through. God indeed has the final say but he works with what you have in your hand. Set Goals but don't leave them on paper.
Scripture Reference: Proverbs 16:3 NLT Commit your actions to the LORD, and your plans will succeed.
NB. Will be sharing some of the testimonies of God's faithfulness in due time.

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