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BUT! There is a PRICE you Pay for sin.

BUT! There is a PRICE you Pay for sin.

You could have said I have told God am sorry and all is ok, forgetting that SIN affects generations - remember that what you do in the dark while others are not seeing could impact greatly on the Live's of the innocent ones that come after you. 

You could be taking it for granted and say that "Am Untouchable" - Don't be confused God is not a respecter of persons. He is LORD over you and LORD over this earth, you and I shall give account for our lives.

Sometimes while we do what we do in Ignorance or utter arrogance can be a bondage that if not dealt with, Generations suffer until the 10th generation indeed or even more

I don't want to sit in a living room one day with my children and they ask me why certain things aren't working out just because I haven't dealt with certain traits from my father's and mother's lineage - Am putting a stop to what's not right and planting what's right.

Don't Let SIN …