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Why It Is Important To Gain Skills Or Skill Yourself

Studying For A Job Vs Studying To Create Jobs

There are many opportunities but very few people with Skills to take them on. I have read in the papers through the years how the point of skilling University students is very important. Many have even been encouraged to go to Technical and Vocational Schools but somehow we have been trained to go to school, get a degree and then get a job but times have changed and the job or economic Market is not just after people with degrees but after people who can use their skills to improve their lives and those of others, create more jobs and be Entrepreneurs etc.

When You Realize You Are Skilled - Stand Out

I have seen and been convinced that when you are skillful and you choose to standout, there are great rewards that come with it. We can tell of people like Michael Jordan who was looked down by his coaches earlier but that did not stop him from believing himself and his abilities. What he did in the NBA is very historical, every child born …

Clara Lawoko With The Enterprizing Rafikiz Products Like Juice, Body Soaps & Creams

#BOOMINGBUSINESS There is a young Christian Lady called Clara Lawoko wife to Lawoko Apollo WalkerShe is the co-founder of Rafikiz Group . Whatever they are doing is MIND BLOWING and more so they are young and innovative and out of passion for what they love, a budding enterprenuership company opened up to bridge the gap and offer high end Rafikiz Juice which serves fresh Juice, Smoothies and vegetarian snacks. They have a great slogan that says It's is all about helping you make the best nutritional choices for you, your friends and family.
They also offer Rafikiz Body supplies a range of shea butter based products like creams and soaps. Shea butter is well known for its ability to restore and protect skin and hair. We live in a time where people are choosing to go natural in almost everything they partake of, you know organic unprocessed stuff is what they give you and you wouldn't want to miss, THIS IS A MOVEMENT that you wouldn't want to miss out on. We import a lot of bod…