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Kill The Poverty Of The Mind

Our minds need constant renewal, the less you learn, the more ignorant you become
Our brains are created in a way that, they can learn so much, in other words, they are elastic, that's why you can read as many books and watch as many videos. Do you know how we often talk about movies of old, those movies have been stored some where in our memories that we can relay some scenes word for word. That's how powerful our minds are. The question then that comes to mind now is, what are we doing with our minds? are they lying idle and wondering or are you the type that is giving it mental exercise by learning constantly so that you can rightly divide the word of truth. I once heard a wise man say that, "The first ground you must till is that of the mind" I have heard before that Ignorance is expensive especially when it comes to things to do with the law, if you don't know then, you will pay dearly. Dr Sunday Adelaja said, "The worst kind of poverty is the poverty of …

Deal With Consumerism

Proverbs 21:20 (NLT) – The WISE have WEALTH and LUXURY, but FOOLS spend whatever they get. Are you the type who spends whatever you get, you might have to just check through your life and examine the things that actually make all your money go away and puts you in a place to keep borrowing, are a consumer or an investor, is your appetite for spending great or are you a person who surrounds him or herself with those who are spend thrifts? You could be eating your future a way by the decisions you are making right now - every decision has a consequence. Indeed our lifestyles really dictate our personal finance. One of the things that we all need to agree on is that we have a large appetite for many things. You find someone having 10 fleets of cars, yet you can only drive one at a time, having 5 smart phones, yet you can only use one a time, having 100 pairs of shoes yet you can only put on one at time, in fact we have a lot of things that we have spent on that are not being used. Everythi…

Debt Doesn't Have To Be Your Portion

According to Merriam Webster Dictionary DEBT is "a state of being under obligation to pay or repay someone or something in return for something received : a state of owing"
No one on this earth wants to be under the spell of debt, the scourge of being taunted all the time that you owe this or that. One of the greatest forms of slavery in this modern day and era is financial slavery which comes through borrowing. This is coming about because people have a big appetite for luxuries, they want to own 5 fleets of cars, yet they can only drive one at a time, they want to build many homes to stay in yet they can stay in one instead of building for rentals so that they can make income out of it. The good debt would be the one you get to put in an income generating asset but normally we get debt to consume, buy luxuries etc.
We live in a fast paced world where people want things in an instant, talk about quick money (Proverbs 13:11), students have ended up betting their tuition fees …