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Helping The Youth Understand Personal Finance

Satisfaction Comes From Helping othersFor a whole month now, I have been interacting with the youth in S.6 Vacation at Bugolobi Church. We have had an interesting talk on personal finance, the series ended yesterday and we dealt so much about habits and mindset change. The testimonies that came in yesterday were so amazing. These young guys are determined to do whatever it takes to improve in this area starting now.
Everything else is taught in school except financial literacy. I never had the opportunity of being taught about money, the only thing I would hear from my dad is that, "Money isn't picked from trees". When we use the Jewish model of teaching the young people, we are preparing them for now and the future. In his book, SMART MONEY, SMART KIDS, Dave Ramsey talks about a middle aged lady who walked up to him after he had just finished a seminar talk on Financial Peace. In this book he writes,  " I’m sure as that first person—a middle-aged woman—walked up to th…

Don't Stop Planning

It has been said before that if you don't plan for your money, someone else will. To get through life without a plan is just a big time tragedy.Sometimes people will tell you, just live by faith or let life take it's course. There are so many things taking out money faster than it came in. If you don't put a front foot and have clear goals, make some sacrifices towards financial peace, then you will remain in the same pit of living from pay cheque to pay cheque or hand out to hand out.
The jobs we have keep us in limbo, we believe we are secure yet it isn't entirely true, you can be fired any time or fall sick and they can only go as far in taking care of you.
Many times you will not feel like leaving the job because it's the only source and hope you have. As you work put some money aside, have a long term plan, mind your business of becoming financially free as you work for someone or an organization. People seek better jobs but also that is still tying yourself and …