Improving Financial Knowledge

One of the benchmarks of personal finance is the KNOWLEDGE YOU HAVE acquired all over the year in regards to finances. I once wrote and said if reading stops then learning stops.
I am fascinated by this story of Ben Carson [From the Book Gifted Hands]
".......Sonya Carson saw her two kids spending small time on homework, and so much time on the TV. In her head, she was scared; scared that the kids might end up having only a 3rd grade education. She turned off the TV, and from then on, the Carson kids were only allowed to watch 3 shows a week, and at the end of every week, Curtis and Ben were to bring to their mom a written book report on 2 different books of their choice. Mrs. Carson wanted her kids to improve their knowledge, instead of watching TV so much. Mrs. Carson later made them memorize the times table. This system went incredibly well for Ben. His grades started improving tremendously, and at school, people used to make fun of him for his poor grades. Now, all that stopped. Ben actually started to enjoy school. Ben‟s grades shot up, and now the same people who used to make fun of him were coming to him for help on homework...."
From the story Ben's Mother wanted her kids to IMPROVE THEIR KNOWLEDGE, instead of watching TV and indeed it actually worked for Ben and he enjoyed school. This notion of life speaks to many of us and I strongly believe if we put a stop to certain things that take most of our time and lived out a balanced life, then we can begin to see change also in our finances [knowledge Acquisition] and many other things.
If through out the year, you have not even made any strides in acquiring knowledge for an evident problem, then I would encourage you to find a way of IMPROVING, make it you immediate financial goal.
Personally after reading the book "MAKE SENSE OF YOUR MONEY" byJames Abola and his friend, I have made great strides and I did not just stop there, I have continued to search out more and more and the secret has been in applying, which I am trying to do everyday, things like working on a budget, tracking expenses, understanding my cash flow, using my skills to make an extra buck etc and also more so seeing others transformed by what we have taught from what we have learned and applied, Benjamin Tumukunde a friend of mine has a very good testimony of how things have changed in his life. I recommend that book "MAKE SENSE OF YOUR MONEY" it can be found in book shops within Uganda

Proverbs 2:10 says "For wisdom will enter your heart,
and knowledge will be pleasant to your soul."

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