Thursday 30 October 2014

"The thought of I WISH after it was done"

Proverbs 21:5 ESV
The plans of the diligent lead surely to abundance, but everyone who is hasty comes only to poverty."

One of the things you never ever want to go through is living a life of regret, and most times people caught in such frenzies are those who WISHED they hadn't done this or that, of course sometimes it is inevitable but we can avoid this.
When it comes to managing finances, I have come to realize we put ourselves in a fix even without knowing but when your eyes open, it is worth changing.
I have often told people that most times the short distance you could have walked, could save you lots of money but some go with the excuse of am tired or aah! it's only one thousand but we have at least fallen on the quote that says "Beware of little expenses, a small leak will sink a great ship" - Benjamin Franklin. If you ever changed certain things you do, then you can make progress.
Here are some of the reasons people end up using boda bodas (motorcycle taxi):
  1. Waking up late, so they end up paying to be rushed which can also put your life at a risk. and impact of your pocket, instead of using 1000 ugx, you end up using 4000 ugx
  2. They are lazy
  3. They think it is the quickest means.
  4. For me I just love boda bodas, they sort me out
I changed my perception on when exactly to use these guys but I have indeed realized there is a price for being late, so when we end up having to pay the cost of being late that's why we end up spending on boda bodas more often. When i have been late, I have even cursed a bit, but when i do things a little bit earlier i found my day flowing better and saving on lots of things even that little extra money i would have paid.
You can change your attitude and say when i walk, it will contribute to my health through exercise. Attitude is key to changing as well.

The WAY You lead your life can determine how much you can save, not only money but even much more. 
To avoid living in regrets, or the "I WISH state" 
Manage your lifestyle, it should be great joy changing the way you live.

Wednesday 22 October 2014

The Family - the most important part of shaping someone's life

I stand to believe that as much as we pursue careers to make us a somebody of influence,
The families and homes we grow up in determine most of what we will do,
If not seen right it is the most influential place in our lives,

Imagine how some one who comes from a broken home thinks,
Someone who comes from a home that upholds many good virtues,
Someone who comes from a rich home without regard to God,

The family will forever be the bed rock and foundation for almost 90% of our life's up bringing,
To know a good father and mother, just look at the children, the respect they have for them
The values and virtues they keep talking about and how they were brought up and what they were taught
All this springs into their daily life.

If you come from a home of thieves, you will be a thief even when you hold a government office,
What kind of influence then will you have, it will all be negative, saddening and life threatening,
If you come from a home that regards God and upholds the right biblical values then the influence will be that of God... 
#Don't neglect the power of family if it's bad be the one to fix it with the right ingredients

A Prayer for families, fathers, mothers and children 

Oh God you are the Lord of families
The name of every family is derived from heaven
May you give every family the desire and love to honor you 
and make you LORD over their homes.

May fathers declare that "As for them and their house, they will serve you"
May your light shine on every family and make every form of darkness flee and every chain broken
May your hand be upon the mothers and children to prosper you
And may every family proclaim that you are God and reflect in their everyday lives their allegiance to you.

And Lord what the devil has done to dismantle and break families
May his plan be frustrated and may restoration come
Bring every broken family back together and let money, Inheritance and so many things not take your place.
In Jesus' name Amen

Friday 17 October 2014

What can we do but Trust in God

What Can We Do? But Trust God
It's a time in our live's when things are hard,
may be they will get worse cause all signs show that,

What can we do?
In this helpless body,
Our strength is frail, 
the one's we hope in are Retarding
Their promises are Null and Void, our Imagination is limited,
our hope is choked, 

What can we do?
When our hope is choked, 

What can we do?
When our leaders are as weak as us
There is nothing much but we got to stand, 
We got to trust in God, He alone is our help 

A river never stops flowing because it's source is defined. 
God is our source of everything and our bosoms will be full even in hard and crunch times.

Thursday 16 October 2014

Change Is Not Too Far - It's Within You

We are living and continue to live in a world where Humanity regards what's abnormal as Normal
When we shun it, policies are made so that we can abide and protect what's evil
Governments are defending and legislating against the values that preseve man kind
And letting evil take over. The News is the same all over, Hatred, Rapes, Defilements, Wives and Husbands killing each other, Youth Un-employed, Drugs, Health centres in a sorry state, Wars after War, Wars never end, they increase all because of strive, jealousy, the desire to shed blood in the name of receiving a reward of virgins, the desire to rape young girls and boys thinking your honoring a god.

It is still a world where the church keeps quiet instead of talking against evil
The Church takes donations that have political attachments and are most times against the values and principles of God's word
The Church fights against the urge to say no to same sex marriage but gives in to the pressure of the so called HUMAN RIGHT
The Church instead of giving knowledge are engrossed in ignorant acts of human life
Instead of a Pastor praying for deliverance of someone he or she is after money and is instead the stumbling block, the stories are endless

It is very simple when stopped by a cop along a traffic high way to give them a bribe even when 
you aren't in the wrong, this is all because society has accepted that norm of life and such evil deeds keep fuelling even more evil deeds.
We live in a time where change seems to far and Humanism has become something of a god-like stature, something of importance
We have made what is wrong to become a right and what is right to become a wrong

I still believe in a God of Change, The one who created Heaven and Earth
I believe in the truth of his word written in the Holy Scriptures,
For things to turn around we shouldn't lose sight of the word of God,
We shouldn't give in the prevailing wickedness,
When everyone is falling, We shall stand,
When the world is standing, we shall Outstand them
It is never to late to Right the Wrongs,
Do your part, stand for the truth,
Don't waver, be strong and Courageous for God will be with you
I still believe there are remnants those who uphold truth and values of God's word
I still believe there are right government officials and right churches
Is till believe there are people who have a great desire for change it will happen with God at the forefront
One thing am for sure the devil lost 2000 years ago and he is fighting a loosing battle

When the devil thought that Jesus was done with the death on the cross
He thought it was over, But our Lord died that we may live
He was cursed that we may be blessed
He became poor that we might become rich through his poverty
Change isn't too far
Change is within You

It might seem like it's all over, But it's not over until God says so
We are overcomers and We won't let Humanity define what is good or bad 
We will let God define what is Good or Bad
Change is not too far, It is Within You
Take it with both your hands, Take it with all your heart, and be of great influence with the Light of God's word.
I conclude with the words of Paul, All things are permissble but not all things are beneficial and I will not be brought under the power of any because all things have been placed under my feet. And I will be the CHANGE I WANT TO SEE because the God of change who is greater than the devil in the world lives within me.

Tuesday 7 October 2014

Africa Will Fight that Disease War (Like Ebola) - It is a war beyond Armory and Africa is Rising with Great Awareness

It seems to me and it gets even clearer that the weapons
of war fare imposed from some of the richest countries in this world is not just armory
but actually viruses that are created to infect people,
Imagine if the story of how Ebola came about is true,
just look at how many people have been wiped out so far,
you don't need a gun to shoot anyone, just get into contact with a sick person then it keep spreading like that...
There is a war which doesn't need people to pick up guns but a war which is invisible
and it's happening in laboratories where research is done in the name of science to avert something deadly,
Why is it that Africa has suffered more than any continent in regards to viral diseases,
our poor state even worsens things and for this to be dealt with
we call on the so called superior powers to help us,
they pour in their money and technical expertise to manage this,
we get happy and lift them up there, there is a war we can't see with our eyes but it's happening,
All I can say is Africa Rise, You are not so dump,
You Have the Intelligence, You have the Will of God to counter attack
and fight systems that are trying to take you over,
you are not less than what you ought to be, you can make your own medicine,
do your own research and fight your own battles,
We don't need to be bought, We don't need to Believe we are weak,
We are stronger, Stronger than ever, We have God's knowledge and empowerment,
We have wisdom from God... Africa Is Rising, And we won't be defeated. 

Friday 3 October 2014

Who Am I that Your Mindful Of

Who Am I Oh God

That you that you have given a new day
I wake up each day with my whole body Intact
I breath In and Out like it is Obvious
I open my mouth and talk without any difficulty
I eat food without any difficulty
I am healthy on mind, soul, body and spirit

Who Am I Oh God

Each passing day is a miracle in itself
You love covers me
You Grace empowers me
I see my family healthy and strong
I see love grow and I see Victory

Who Am I Oh God

That you have chosen me to the Light of the world
That your mercies are new every
That you correct me and rebuke me in your love
That you empower me with the knowledge to change my life and the generations of today and the ones to come

Who Am I Oh God

That you have blessed with a wonderful family
That you have blessed with wonderful and beautiful wife
That you have blessed with wonderful friends
That you have blessed with wonderful ministry
That you have set apart for you work in the Kingdom
That you have blessed with wonderful men and women, mothers and fathers, daughters and sons, children who you have made cross my path and blessed me in one way or the other

Who Am I Oh God

That from the time I was born you heard mercy on my father and mother
You saw us through the dark days of poverty but lifted us each day and now we are not where you used to be
That you enabled my brothers and sisters get educated with the meagre resources both my parents had
That you fed us and also fed strangers and many relatives at a time when little was really little but somehow we all fed and were happy
That you brought some people in our lives who were friendly, supported us and wished us well
That even when dad passed away and many the so called close friends were no where to be seen, you took us through life and gave my mother the wisdom, strength, character and courage to believe in you, to believe that her children would be raised to a level of trusting you and being outstanding people in society.

Who Am I Oh God

That you died for and exchanged your life a ransom
That you have made me a little lower than the angels
That you have crowned with glory and honor
That you have given dominion over all things.

Who Am I Oh God

That you visit, a son of a man 
That you call me your own, adopted in your own right and made your son
That you fellowship with me
That you speak to me
That you lift me up when am down
Who Am I Oh God... I can never fathom how deep, how wide, how long, how strong your love is for me, I pledge to serve and honor you my God whose undying and unending love stretches from the time you thought about me even before i was formed in my mothers womb - you stand out as the only one and true God, you are Jehovah nissi, Jehovah rapha, Elshadi, etc Who Am I Oh God.... Who Am I Oh God...

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