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Decide Today, Make Those Sacrifices or Be Comfortable – There Is A Result

It’s is ironic how we are inclined to comfort, we normally want things the easy way and technology has done a great deal to bring comfort to people. While listening to a gentleman talk at a recent event, he mentioned something that gripped my heart and has stuck, he called it the rule of life and I thought I could share a few personal insights from this quote. “Do the easy and comfortable and life will be difficult, do the difficult and uncomfortable and life will be easier”When it comes to matters of personal finance, sometimes we will be excused for being young and naive because in most instances we either weren’t taught or we just put good advice away by saying "I will do this when I am earning this much" or "I will do this when I grow" etc. When we are young (age, physically, emotionally), we are bound to make a lot of mistakes like buying out of impulse, desiring to have the latest trends of things which in simple terms just enslave us. However I want to bring …

What Inspires Businesses or Companies (The WHY, not The What)

Hello good people. Hope you are all doing well.
Been taking some time off to read and study a few things. I was encouraged by