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Having The Right Goal Is Important

Life has so many twists and turns but if you have the right attitude and goals in mind, it is easy to beat so many odds. The issue about money is something that goes beyond money itself but requires lots of self management and governance
You can have many plans or many good goals but they aren't the right ones. What do I mean by "The Right Goal" this is something that is achievable, something that is honest, something that does not only benefit you but also others, something that is not limited to today but also focuses  on the hope of the future. It's also true that you can have a goal that's bad, something that is totally the opposite of what I have mentioned, e.g people saving to have money for showing off, getting the latest this and that, or belonging to a certain class, some put money aside to fund the wrong kind of things like terrorism, or just getting rid of a certain person you like or not.. so your goal should bring ultimate glory to God and not your…