Friday 29 May 2015

Having The Right Goal Is Important

Life has so many twists and turns but if you have the right attitude and goals in mind, it is easy to beat so many odds. The issue about money is something that goes beyond money itself but requires lots of self management and governance

You can have many plans or many good goals but they aren't the right ones. What do I mean by "The Right Goal" this is something that is achievable, something that is honest, something that does not only benefit you but also others, something that is not limited to today but also focuses  on the hope of the future. It's also true that you can have a goal that's bad, something that is totally the opposite of what I have mentioned, e.g people saving to have money for showing off, getting the latest this and that, or belonging to a certain class, some put money aside to fund the wrong kind of things like terrorism, or just getting rid of a certain person you like or not.. so your goal should bring ultimate glory to God and not yourself or any man.
When it comes to the "Culture of Saving" - doing the saving is a goal in itself but "What I you saving for?" you must have a specific goal, when something is specific, you work on it with a clear focus and that means you can not deviate. I have read and still found out that it is not how much you save but it is the habit that's important, when you grasp this concept, it will save you from always telling yourself you need a lot of many to do this and that, a lot of many comes when you put the little by little together - I bet we all remember the song "One by One makes a bundle" yeah it is that true - we have also read from the word of God how ANTS gather their food together, these guys don't even carry big loads but everything any one carries brings in as much to make it a big thing.

A quick reminder, when you start saving :-

  1. Learn the Discipline and let it become a habit 
  2. Don't just stop at saving - Have the Right Goal in Mind - A goal is something/ Mark that you press towards to no matter what comes your way, you goal makes you sail through the storms of life.
  3. Make Investments - When you goal is clear, Making Investments becomes the next step and it is quite easy because you know where you are coming from and you know where you are going - the right goal helps you head to the right destination.. so we have to be able to test if what is right will surely lead us to the desired end, always research, consult, acquire knowledge, acquire wisdom to be in position to make the right step.

There are many more tips on saving that can be talked about, Read the book [Book Of Proverbs] written by the wisest man and you will get valuable advice..

An typical example of I have heard or seen people do is

1. Open a Savings Account - you can read through the pull outs done by bank of Uganda to determine which bank best suits you need
2. When you money accumulates because you have a goal, don't let it just  sit in the Bank, Invest in things like Land [The value of Land appreciates faster than anything, location also matters for the value to go up]
3. Invest in Stocks, Shares, Bonds, Treasury Bills etc.. you will never know how these things work until you try it out...
4. Build partnerships and also invest in them, the returns could take a while but it could be your niche.. One of the Rabbi Jews called Daniel Lapin, said Jews make money through relationships, so network with people, they could be having the next opportunity that just fits your expertise.
5. Acquire knowledge, Wisdom and understanding at a deep level, it shouldn't be shallow, because when things are shallow the results are shallow but when they are deep, the results are deep

The list goes on and on....

"Saving is a good goal"
"Saving to buy land or invest in businesses, partnerships etc is the right goal" but at-least have a bank account if you don't have open up one today  . In the story of the talents the guy with the least amount did nothing to make more money but Jesus said at-least he should have put it in the bank and it could have made an interest - be visionary and manage yourself well so that you can manage other aspects of your life better..

God bless you

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