Wednesday 20 June 2018

Why Being Goal Oriented Is Still Important – part 2

On the 5th of February 2016, I posted an article titled Why Being Goal Oriented Is Still Important”.
It’s one thing to set a goal and another to work it. Goal setting is like making a marriage proposal and committing yourself to walk through the journey of love in both the good and bad times, choosing to love no matter what, adjusting and changing yourself to accommodate the other person in your life. It takes work, time and commitment to realize what you put your heart into.

“Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible” – Anthony Robbins

As I had written in that article, my wife and I had the goal to build our home however we knew that for us to have a home, we needed a plot of land. We were able to get the land in our first year of marriage. It really took us making some deep sacrifices, we chose to live a modest lifestyle, nothing flashy but still happy within our means.

“If you don't have any goals in life, it is high time you start thinking of some and start living by them, you will live a life of purpose and bring fulfillment not only to yourself but also to those around you” – Arthur Kmo
Moved into our home
On the 8th of April 2018, My wife, children and I moved into our home. The home is not done up to standard however the basics of power, water, plastered, undercoat painting, windows, doors, and roof are all there. We thank God for enabling us to get to where we are. His word says you shall build homes and live in them. We took that in the literal sense believed, worked hard, putting money aside so that we could be able to do what he promised in his word.

As we live in our home now. We know very well that the home needs maintenance, bills still need to be paid for but we also know that we aren’t under any pressure to pay rent. One of the things that pushed us to leave was the fact that rent had gone up and we told ourselves that we would rather use the rent money to keep doing finishing bit by bit.

You can not develop without a loan

I grew up knowing that for development like building a home to happen. It was impossible to do this without a debt. Almost everyone who said that, after doing some research, many of them have never really had a saving culture. What I heard is that you can only get a loan to invest in an income-generating asset or build a home. However I read up on some who have done that impossibility and I realized how frugal they were, how they patiently multiplied their income by creating other streams. I chose to follow the advice of the latter. I even read in the bible, that the borrower is a slave to the lender, I told myself that the only way I won't be a slave is to avoid debt at all costs.

Life is indeed about lifestyle choices. I strongly believe what Dave Ramsey teaches about personal finance. He says that it is 80% behavior and 20% head knowledge. We did and continue to do a lot of reading it has helped a lot. We surely live in an economy where the urge to borrow is so strong. Debt is sold to us at the highest level possible. While driving your car, you will hear all sorts of adverts pulling you to go get a bank loan. We get so happy while getting the loan but are so gloomy while paying it back. I agree that loans have helped very many people develop, but my story is different, my wife and I made some hard sacrifices to make sure that our home was 98% debt-free. We got some money here and there to push us, but we are grateful for what we have, the state it’s in, we shall only get better. This experience has taught us the value of working together, saving together and putting these ideas into reality. It is possible to develop at your pace without debt if you can avoid it please do if you can't seek as much advice as possible so that you can get good rates and understand what kind of agreement you are getting into with the bank. So many people who have used their loans well and put it to good use, they are there to tell you what it takes just seek them out.

To find out some of the things my wife and I did, you will possibly need to read these articles and many more. Enjoy!
  1. Invest in your mind
  2. Attitude 
  3. Attitude towards money and the value of work
  4. Make sense of saving
  5. Don't stop planning
  6. Decide today
  7. Pay yourself since no one is paying you
  8. Deal with consumerism
  9. Deal with debt

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Monday 4 June 2018

How To Brace Yourself For Worse Economic Conditions

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay 
I have been reading a lot lately and also hearing so much about our economy in the news. We all know that the Parliament of Uganda has passed the Tax on Social Media, Mobile Money Tax, and many others.
We have come from a recent economic meltdown where a bag of cement was going for almost 40,000 UGX or $10.6, the cheapest you would get was probably 35,000 UGX or $9.28, it has reduced but it's affecting the development of infrastructure, I know of people who have put the construction on hold just because of these high costs, imagine if you wanted to move to your place, what would you do? some just go in however bad the situation is, others wait.

They say our taxation hasn't hit a high ceiling but even when you are buying a loaf of bread or fueling your car, you will realize that the normal fuel of 20,000 UGX or $5.30 can no-longer do you good like it used to, now you need 10,000 UGX or $2.65 more on top of the $5.30. We also know that there are groups that are fighting this tax tooth and nail.

We have seen political actors try to increase or double their pay, remember they don't even pay taxes but this is when we see some of them rise up like never before, this what Robert Kiyosaki said, 
"History reminds us that dictators and despots arise during times of severe economic crisis"
Imagine the pressures in a home because certain needs can't be met, couples are failing to support one another because it's the other person's duty, my encouragement in this area is finding a way of working, for us Our Motto is "My money is her money, and her money is my money, so it is our money" this enables us to plan together. This combined force has enabled us to sail through hard times.
These economic times are going to demand a seriousness on your side like never before. If you haven't been a good planner, it might teach you to become one, if you haven't thought of passive income, that could also be an awakening, if you haven't thought of investments, it could be the time to reevaluate and cut back on consumerism. I read this statement and it made it a lot of sense 
"Man is born free, and everywhere he is in debt" - Paul Mills

The debt our country has is bad but the debt individuals have is bad too.

With all this conundrum happening in our country today, I sit back and ask myself, "Will things get any easier?" and my answer is, "I don't think so". The people managing this economy probably have forgotten where they came from. Almost every corner around Kampala or in areas that we live in has someone running a mobile money stall, some of you on this platform are affected too. Can you imagine how many will be kicked out of business especially in a time when unemployment is so high? 
While listening to Radio-one talk-back, interesting views came in concerning this issue and I agree that this tax should be scrapped however we are at the mercy of the leaders of this great nation Uganda.
In other words, I am writing to let you know that as much as the economy won't get any easier, this is also when the best entrepreneurs arise, especially when our backs are against the wall. 

Could you be that person beaming with some creative idea, my prayer is that you will stand strong and not waver. It takes hard work to prevail through certain things, don't stop digging those wells even if you are chased from one after the other, you will eventually find one and have peace with it and you draw your own water that you will use to replenish others as well.
Let me end with this quote from John Mcain
"You raise taxes during an economic crisis time, as we did in - back in the time of Herbert Hoover, you send the country into a depression "
Remember this, A FOOL SPENDS WHATEVER HE GETS (Proverbs 21:20), don't be a fool.

This is what James Abola said on 24 June 2016, principles could apply today see video

Wednesday 18 April 2018

Helping The Youth Understand Personal Finance

Satisfaction Comes From Helping others
For a whole month now, I have been interacting with the youth in S.6 Vacation at Bugolobi Church. We have had an interesting talk on personal finance, the series ended yesterday and we dealt so much about habits and mindset change. The testimonies that came in yesterday were so amazing. These young guys are determined to do whatever it takes to improve in this area starting now.

Everything else is taught in school except financial literacy. I never had the opportunity of being taught about money, the only thing I would hear from my dad is that, "Money isn't picked from trees".
When we use the Jewish model of teaching the young people, we are preparing them for now and the future.
In his book, SMART MONEY, SMART KIDS, Dave Ramsey talks about a middle aged lady who walked up to him after he had just finished a seminar talk on Financial Peace. In this book he writes, 
" I’m sure as that first person—a middle-aged woman—walked up to the book table, she saw a young speaker relieved that his big speech was finished. I will never forget her comment. Holding my little book, she looked at me and said, “Dave, that was great information. Why don’t parents teach their children about money? Why don’t we teach basic money skills like this in schools? Our kids need to know this information.” "
Indeed Children, Youth, Young Adults are being taught everything else and this is one part that is almost forgotten. I believe that if we raise young people who are disciplined, corrupt tendencies will be dealt with, laziness will be dealt with etc

"From age five on, I operated on one general rule about making money: Work, get paid; don’t work, don’t get paid. That’s a basic principle that a lot of parents miss with their little kids. If a child can understand that money comes from work at age four, then she’ll be ready to hit the “real world” running at age twenty-four" -Rachel Cruze "
Nanjira DaphineAwana Aitaa Carl LabanFortunate Ashabire, Joel Kadaya, Mich Mitchell are some of the young people I have had some good time with. They are already budgeting, planning, putting aside the little change, gaining skills like making bungles, T-shirts, etc

In the Picture, they were watching a short video by Myles Munroe 

Check out the video they were watching 

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Tuesday 17 April 2018

Don't Stop Planning

It has been said before that if you don't plan for your money, someone else will. To get through life without a plan is just a big time tragedy.
Sometimes people will tell you, just live by faith or let life take it's course. There are so many things taking out money faster than it came in. If you don't put a front foot and have clear goals, make some sacrifices towards financial peace, then you will remain in the same pit of living from pay cheque to pay cheque or hand out to hand out.

The jobs we have keep us in limbo, we believe we are secure yet it isn't entirely true, you can be fired any time or fall sick and they can only go as far in taking care of you.

Many times you will not feel like leaving the job because it's the only source and hope you have. As you work put some money aside, have a long term plan, mind your business of becoming financially free as you work for someone or an organization.
People seek better jobs but also that is still tying yourself and freedom down, I have seen that on top of the list of job seekers that many of us are, we keep looking at a bigger bank account yet we remain in-disciplined in planning and being faithful with the little money, how sure you that more money means a better life. Remember that as money increases, those who spend it also increase, the banks will come running, you will desire a new car, a new apartment, better clothes, better this and that etc

Your Discipline is Key
Too many people skip the discipline and try to go straight to the enjoyment. That’s a recipe for disaster. That’s how so many people get hooked on playing the lottery or go broke in a horrible get-rich-quick scheme that falls apart. Wealth building is a marathon, not a sprint. There really aren’t any shortcuts. That’s why most people don’t do it; if building wealth were easy, everyone would be rich! - Dave Ramsey.
You can not get any far in your personal finance goals if you aren't disciplined. There is a lot of pain involved, a lot of falling and rising up, a lot of not hitting the targets, but you don't have to give up. Sometimes you will find that your money will get wiped out on a bad deal, you will probably be conned but all these become life lessons that make you wise, you don't have to lose sight of what you have to do to get where you believe you should be.
Keep Sacrificing
Without a sacrifice, you won't realize how important it is in getting you what you need. It could mean forgoing summer holidays to make sure you put off some money aside to buy land, invest in a mutual fund etc. Sacrifice many times will mean that your comfort will be disturbed. You can check out this link on  Make Those Sacrifices or Be Comfortable 

If you make some sacrifices, inject some discipline, and get intentional about winning with money, the future is wide open. You’ll be blown away at the opportunities you’ll have to serve and bless other people, and you’ll be amazed at what life feels like without worrying about money all the time. It’s a great place to be - Dave Ramsey

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Monday 19 March 2018

Start Now - What It Takes!

On Friday the 16th of March. I had a good time speaking with S.6 Vacationers about personal finance. They asked me to go share with them a few insights about this thing. I am humbled that young people are starting to think about this thing and I wish parents and schools were given such talks at the dinner table, in the cars or even in school parades, we can develop many young people who have good financial I.Q and the rewards could be enormous in the long run.
Never Thought About Learning Personal Finance
I remember while in my S.6 vacation, I never ever thought about learning anything to do with money and I was so humbled that this group of young people wanted to understand some principles that they can apply in their lives now. I asked them what they wanted to learn, and the thoughts ranged from learning how to save, invest, use their skills to make money etc.
Time: Start Early, Start Now
There is no better time to start learning something than "EARLY". Many of us at the time were either watching movies the whole day or just moving around going from one hang out to another (I understand it is a phase of life but if you are grounded with truth, you can understand your purpose early and start living it out). On a personal note I did some crazy things to make money but eventually it got wasted on drinking out, hanging out etc. You can learn more of what I did in this article. Now I pray I can help some of these young people avoid what costed me, they would rather make new mistakes but not the ones I made.

I told these young people to start now! I talked about how they needed to check their lifestyles. I told them that their lifestyles would dictate a lot about how money would play out in their lives. I reminded them that personal finance is 80% behavior and 20% head knowledge. When I asked them what they would do with money when they get it the first time, I wasn't shocked at their answers, everything showed the consumer mentality and there was nothing to show how they could earn, save or even invest. I asked if some had saved money before and they said that they did and I asked them what they did with it, the reply was a hearty laughter, some couldn't even tell in simple terms it was all consumed and nothing was invested. In my article deal with consumerism, I highlight how the culture is draining us more than ever.
I asked them a few pertinent questions like "Do you feel like schools are not really preparing you for the real world? " This was a question asked by Robert Kiyosaki. I told them to think deeply about these questions and many more. I reminded them that they should not just subscribe to the thought that, " I went to school to get good grades and get a job'' jobs are so few that we need entrepreneurs to create them, I said that as they study, they should think of how they will use that knowledge to solve problems, In solving problems they add value to humanity and in many ways they will get rewarded.
Get Practical
I encouraged them to get practical by writing down their expenses so that they can get to know where their money goes. I also told them to start having short, medium and long term goals irrespective of whether they are earning much or not or even still getting financial support from their parents or guardians or even well wishers.

I told them that they should have a budget and that their budgets should not only have airtime, data, hanging out, transport, smartphones, new shoes, new clothes (to keep up with the joneses) etc but that it should have an element that shows that they are working towards their goals, it could be things like tithe, a book, support to the needy etc.
Stop Wasting Time
I encouraged them to stop wasting their time and start converting it into tangible results. I gave them a challenge to read the book Make Sense Of Your Money and I will be meeting them soon to continue the chat.
Are you mature and haven't started thinking about this area of personal finance. It has been said over time that our mindsets play a big role. People are poor not because they were born poor but because they haven't made some hard choices. Others don't want to risk, others don't want to learn, others say ,"My parents are already rich, why do I have to work or even think about learning these things".
Lastly I told them thinking about changing the status quo takes work, I told them deciding to start being a good steward of money takes a mindset shift and that is work itself. I left them with this quote
“Hard work is always profitable in some way, it builds your character, your bank account, and your reputation. But when you’re one of those people who always make plans but never actually do anything about them, you will never succeed” – Jason Cabler

Monday 5 March 2018

Don’t Blame Others - Think of What You Can Do To Fix It

Are you fixing it or you are complaining?

Philippians 2:14 Do all things without complaining and disputing, 15 that you may become blameless and harmless, children of God without fault in the midst of a crooked and perverse generation, among whom you shine as lights in the world.

There are many ways we can help this world; I believe it starts with us seeing ourselves as problem solvers. Are you seeing yourself as light to the darkness, arrogance, hopelessness etc.

We live in a world where everyone is pointing a finger at the other. They say you should have done this or you should have been doing this. Often the complainants have no solution to the underlying problems. Instead of being problem propagators, why not think? As problem solvers.

Often people will blame their money problems on the government, on high taxes, on how the rich are unfair and don’t want to share their piece of the pie, on how they did not get the best education. All this holds some bit of truth but I believe that when people come to their senses, then nothing can stop them.

The first solution to our everyday problems is to firstly accept that there is a problem and you are part of it. You find the person with a poor mindset talking about how he or she wants to drive the latest car, they are talking about how they want the biggest house and how they want to be just like that rich person in the village. They don’t talk about how they can get wisdom, understand the value and ethics of work that those whom they are admiring are adhering too. You find such people even plotting on how they can go rob such a person, they want to get rewarded where they haven’t worked. 

When it comes to money, someone will tell you, "I can't budget" that stuff is for stone age. They will tell you, I will start planning for my future when I get that big break through. Some will say, ah! For me parents are already rich, why do I have to work, others will say I can't afford, my money is too little. When they fall into deep trouble, they remember and start regretting. Choose to be wise and walk like wise people

Two stories of women who are solving problems in this world

Ephesians 2: 10 For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them.

Esther Kalenzi’s story

I realized that the children’s needs became my needs and I was always on the move trying to get funding for my new family” – Esther Kalenzi

When I think of problem solvers in Uganda, I can gladly mention people like Esther Kalenzi. Esther Kalenzi is the founder of Forty Days over Forty Smiles Foundation, a local NGO that helps the needy; especially children and youth. From her story, helping the needy is a passion that was first shown when she was a student in Agha Khan High School. She raised funds to pay school fees for fellow students. She says that she looked at the spending pattern of students and realized that they had more than enough pocket money. She was reported by fellow students for what she was doing, she was summoned and it turned out that the school administration offered the student a scholarship.

If we all had an eye to see that we can solve an issue, then we can make the world we live in a better place. Today people are longing for inspired action, not just mere talk that is full of emptiness, no vision and no purpose.

Recently Esther was recognized, her works moved the queen Elizabeth II, Click this link for more.

Malala’s Story

I told myself, Malala, you have already faced death. This is your second life. Don’t be afraid — if you are afraid, you can’t move forward” - Malala Yousafzai

Another person with a great story is MALALA Yousafzai I believe we have all heard of her. She is the girl who stood up for EDUCATION and was shot by the Taliban. These were her words, “I don’t want to be thought of as the “girl who was shot by the Taliban” but the “girl who fought for education.” This is the cause to which I want to devote my life”. She demanded that girls be allowed to receive education. How many of us can put our lives on the line to see a dream come through? I guess it takes more than just surviving a bullet, weathering a storm, I believe it takes purpose.

There is so much to write about the life of Malala, All I can say is that her, Esther Kalenzi and many people out there who are solving problems are in the bracket of those who are Fixing issues and not the ones throwing blame. The question I would ask is, "What Problem Are You Solving?"

We read about levels of poverty rising every day, we see reports that the poor are getting poorer, probably you and I fall in that bracket, but on my side and the side of my friend Edward Yosia Hire, we want to teach financial literacy, we want people to win, we want to hear a new song that will be sang by the media of how people are changing their lifestyles, becoming more purposeful with money. A story of hopelessness turning into one of hope. A story of people who are seeing opportunities in problems and doing something about it. 

We want to liberate and change mindsets, we want people to believe that God has given us wisdom to create wealth and do it the right way. We want to see ventures that are created by people to serve people, better schools, better health services, better education, better systems of justice, better leaders of integrity etc.

Please read Never Broke Again to be inspired more.

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Friday 2 March 2018

Never Broke Again – Could That Be Your Story!

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“Don’t be committed to the physical environment,” Nichols said. “Be committed to what’s in your mind. I fed my son possibility even when we didn’t see a lot.”

Philippians 3:13 NLT "No, dear brothers and sisters, I have not achieved it, but I focus on this one thing: Forgetting the past and looking forward to what lies ahead,"

Ever been in a place where you are at the edge. There are people who have lost everything and been written off, there are people who have been to the darkest pit and had no one to help them but themselves. Has that been your story or have you seen someone who has gone through it and still see them come out? Indeed, the light at the end of the tunnel is there for everyone to receive but some people choose to allow the worst of circumstances get to them, some give up and say, “I will never amount to anything”.
My dear reader, I want to share with you the story of Lisa Nichols. This story sent chills through my spine. I know I have seen some situations that are similar but can anyone come to their senses and declare, “I will never be broke again” some say these things and do nothing about them, others say these things and have it on their wishful list but still keep hoping and never get out to act.
Every problem is a gift — without problems, we would not grow - Anthony Robbins
Most people want the convenience of transformation without the inconvenience required for transformation” – Lisa Nichols
Lisa Nichols Story – Never Broke Again
“Your story is not meant to be your fortress but your fuel” – Lisa Nichols

In a nutshell, while growing up she relatively had a good upbringing but she was a slow learner in school and her teacher told her that she should never speak in public because she wasn’t good. She got pregnant while young and the father of her child went to jail while her child was 8 months old and she was left to fend for herself and her son, she was on welfare and as time went on, she realized that she was unable to provide pampers for her son as she had $11 42 cents and she had to wrap him in clothes for two days, this was her turning point and she told her child, “Don’t worry baby, Mummy will never be this broke or broken again”. She continues to say in this interview, that that day what shifted from me, “I was willing to completely die to any form of me that I had been so that I could birth the woman I was becoming, the reason why a lot of people won’t become who they want is because they have been attached to who they’ve been”

This story reminds me, You Are Not Less Than What You Ought To Be.
“When I go study something, I learn it and own it” – Lisa Nichols
She was willing to become a student, she was willing to let friends go, she was willing to come out of what wasn’t working, come out of the company of people who weren’t pushing her forward. The problem with many of us is that we stick to the same company of failures and expect different results. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing the same way and expecting different results. Remember to study, it is a good way to invest in yourself.

In her book No Matter What, she shares a lot about some of the things she went through. Lisa got a wake-up call when she wasn’t able to provide one of the most basic needs of her child. In her story, while ravaging through life, she had a dream, even if she was a good writer, she kept writing, she kept volunteering and speaking to youth, there is a time she wasn’t able to pay for a conference that she knew would greatly help her, she decided to offer to do some work by cleaning and that would pay for her dues. But she chose to be a lifelong learner until the day she got a call to go speak on a show, she couldn’t believe such a moment had come in her life. She asked her prayer partner to pray with her and his words in prayer spoke so deeply to her that she knew that as an imperfect person, she would be helping other imperfect people.

You can rise from any pit

Our greatest glory is not in never falling but in rising every time we fall. —Confucius
 There is no pit no one can fail to rise from, someone might want to say show me how but I would say get inspiration from the stories of those who have been to the darkest pit. The bible tells us of Joseph, Job, and many others. Never lose focus, never keep your eyes off your dream, some people will laugh at you but who knows if what you are doing won’t come to their rescue.

Let your problems be a springboard for you to rise up

"Problems are only opportunities with thorns on them" -Hugh Miller

We all face problems at various levels, some are devastating, others just suck the life out of us. I strongly believe that anything can be conquered, I believe that with God nothing is impossible, I believe God gives us the wisdom to sail through any storm. I believe problems are an opportunity to become innovative, to bring out our creative drive, and to enable us to bring long-lasting solutions to issues. I know with changing environments and new technologies; new problems will come but some of the old ones we know must be dealt with so that we can face new things.

When I resigned from one of the jobs that I had, I knew that life wouldn’t be easy. For 6 months I looked here and there and there was just no sign that I would come out of joblessness. I did not give up on doing what I was passionate about and trained to do. I kept telling myself, this is an obstacle along the way, I will get past it someday. I kept telling myself, things will change for the better. My attitude changed and this was one of the most important things that happened to me. A job opportunity came and it wasn’t paying like the previous jobs I had, from earning something fairly good, it was like as if I was just starting out as a fresh graduate. I humbled myself and sailed through. I kept saying that, one of the reasons I should work is so that I can prepare for the future better, learn so much now, invest wisely, and be free of working for people. I am still on my journey and I know that am preparing myself for many things ahead, I still need to climb one mountain, maneuver the valleys and climb more mountains – I will get there.

Lisa Nichols said this in one of her books, one of the main mistakes I see people make is forgetting to put their thoughts and desires into action. They believe that thinking about something really hard or talking about it a lot will make it happen. Sadly, those things are not enough. Desire thought, and action all have to be present for transformation to occur. Without action, it’s just a great “aha!” Action is the most pivotal step—it’s the catalyst for change and movement.

Focus on your goals, not on your worries

When you focus on your goals instead of your worries, you can begin to live more in possibility and peace and less in fear of deprivation, scarcity, and lack. Bad things may happen, but they won’t determine the outcome and the quality of your life.
Poverty can be dealt with, sometimes we need those who have been hit hard to wake up, dust themselves and do what they have been called to do by accepting where they are, accepting to learn and accepting to grow through every hard bit in life. Don't blame everything on witchcraft, some people run so fast to say, so and so was bewitched, yet they are just lazy.

My dear friends, financial education is one thing I am pushing for, Lisa kept saying that she was going to FUND HER DREAM, are you doing anything in regards to that, are you consuming instead of investing. I am tired of seeing debt take over the lives of people, I am tired of seeing people go to school, get good grades, and have no jobs. I am tired of money not being talked about by parents at the dinner table, in the cars, in the market. This discussion has to come to every sphere, the church, the media, etc. There is a lot of truth that can help many. Our television sets are full of soap operas, these things try and push an idea of a life of laziness, rage, unforgiveness, lust, etc. We need to emulate the nations that are pushing the agenda of growth, entrepreneurship, love for the nation.

See this video for more of Lisa's story

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Wednesday 21 February 2018

Invest In Your Mind

Proverbs 24:5-6 "The wise are mightier than the strong and those who have knowledge grow stronger and stronger. So don't go to war without wise advice, victory depends on having many advisers"
While studying and analyzing a few things about life. I have strongly come to the conclusion that is is disastrous to be arrogant and ignorant.

In my analysis, I looked at when homes are broken into, the things that get stolen are TVs, Laptops, fridges etc but never things like books, magazines or news papers. I believe people are driven by what they see that can give them temporary happiness but they aren't driven by what can give them eternal value.
A lot of truth lies in written pages, a lot of wisdom is shared by the minds we interact with when we read or listen to their messages. How about you take time to financially educate yourself in the areas that are really perturbing you.
Let me quote what Robert Kiyosaki said in his book, Rich Dad Poor Dad, he said, "If you want to fly a plane, I advise taking lessons first. I am always shocked at people who buy stocks or real estate but never invest in their greatest asset, their mind".
In his story he said he said, "I take a long view on my wealth. I do not subscribe to the Get Rich Quick Mentality most lottery players or casino gamblers have. I may go in and out of stocks but i am long on EDUCATION'.
Do whatever it takes to self educate or even learn from others, read, visit blogs, visit websites, buy books, listen to audios, it will help you a great deal and you will see the rewards, it will also be rubbed on others. Use the Kindle app on your phone or pc, it will help you access samples of some great books.

Till today I am grateful to Edward Hire Yosia for inspiring me to read and study. Many times i failed, many times i gave up, many times the money got wasted but with life long learning, you keep picking yourself up and getting better, you get to realize that principles are universal and they can't be the problem but you yourself.

Check out this article Is Reading Part Of Your Culture and Kill The Poverty Of The Mind

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Thursday 15 February 2018

You Are Not Less Than What You Ought To Be – Part 3

“The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision” – Helen Keller

In his book, Vision less life, Meaning less life” Dr Sunday Adelaja talks about a lady who broke the barriers of adversity. Her name is Hellen Keller.

Helen Adams Keller was born on June 27, 1880 in Tuscumbia, Alabama. Keller was born with her senses of sight and hearing, and started speaking when she was just 6 months old. In 1882, however, Keller contracted an illness - called “brain fever” that produced a high body temperature. Within a few days after the fever broke, Keller’s mother noticed that her daughter didn’t show any reaction when the dinner bell was rung, or when a hand was waved in front of her face. In simple terms she became deaf and blind.
In 1887, Keller’s teacher, Anne Sullivan, helped her make tremendous progress with her ability to communicate, and Keller went on to college, graduating in 1904.

This is a unique story. It is unique in many ways because her parents and teachers did whatever it takes to enable this young lady sail through life. She was so determined to learn and she became a worldwide sensation moving from one nation to another inspiring people with her story.

She was given a thunderous round of applause after speaking to an audience of many people. Everyone was eager and waiting to hear every word she was going to say. The room was dead silent; you could hear the drop of a pin. After her speech, it was time for questions. Her translator shared the questions with her and she was able to answer. The question was, “What would you prefer, being deaf or blind?” her answer was that, “The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision”. Her response was like a knockout blow that came from nowhere.

A woman who lost her sight and hearing at childhood overcame this enormous challenge and achieved much more than those who had their two eyes and ears.

Dr Sunday Adelaja writes and says that, “Hers was an incredible life. Beyond words, she had truly proven to her audience and to the world that ‘the only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision” and that she has shown that vision is the greatest possession of a man, not eyesight.

See this video of her story

Don’t Despise or Look Down On Yourself

My dear reader, I hope by now after reading about Hellen Keller, you will sit back look at how blessed you are and get rid of all the excuses. We have so many excuses about why we can’t do this or that. There are many stereotypes we have labelled on ourselves. Some of us have even said that, “These things are for a chosen few”. I want to believe that in the uniqueness that God has created you with, he has a purpose for you. Everybody has a significance, all they have to do is find their significance, that is what Noeline Kirabo would tell anyone she is inspiring.

"You can live for more if you dare to dream beyond your wildest expectations. Dreaming is free but success comes at a cost. Dare to dream and live for more" - Noeline Kirabo

I still want to remind someone out there, that no disability, no lack, no hindrance can stop them from fulfilling their purpose in this life. Be like Hellen Keller, go out and study, go out and inspire, go out and do what seems impossible. Nelson Mandela said, “It always seems impossible until it is done”.

Stir Up the Gift Within You

In the Bible, Paul told Timothy to stir up the gift that was in him. Sometimes you need to be reminded that you have value within you, that you are a world changer, that you have the solution to the underlying problems. We only get better when we convert our time into tangible results and use it wisely. Have you been dreaming about sorting out the mess of corruption in this world, helping street children find homes, feeding the hungry in this nation (Probably doing farming at another level). Are you tired of our education system, what are you doing about all these things? When you start getting disturbed about some of these things, those are signs that you need to deal with them.

On a personal note, I have seen how the issue of personal finance is a big issue to individuals, families, churches etc I have seen how people are indebted and it bothers me, I believe there is a solution, that pushed me to self-educate and apply the principles I learnt in my life, and this is because I wanted to first see change in my life. Now I can fully share and help people where I have failed before. I am a long life student, learning doesn’t stop after one success story. I have and continue to invest time in learning, I have found truth is God’s word and books have read, it is so revealing how truth sets one free. 

Proverbs 24:5 NLT The wise are mightier than the strong and those with knowledge grow stronger and stronger. You want to get stronger and stronger, don't sit back, seek knowledge, seek truth and be transformed by it

This is what Michael Althsuler had to say about Time, “The bad news is time flies. The good news is you’re the pilot”. King Solomon said it best, “Yet another thing I observed under the sun is that races aren’t won by the swift or battles by the strong, and that food doesn’t go to the wise or wealth to the intelligent or favor to the experts; rather time and chance rule them all” Eccl. 9:11 (CJB). 

I believe Hellen Keller is a product of using her time well, instead of complaining about her state, she embraced who she was and God used her to inspire and empower others. 
Let me end by saying this, “You aren’t less than what you ought to be, you have been made for more.” Be visionary like Hellen Keller, you don’t need to see with your physical eyes, all you need is insight from God on what he has purposed for you to do on this earth.

There are many other examples of those who never chose the status quo, who never chose to become victims of circumstance, they believed that all things work out for good, they let their lessons of hardship fuel them to achieve their dreams, and they have become a blessing to many. The story of Lisa Nichols on Never Being Broke Again is one that will propel you to wake up.

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