The Cry Of The Youth - Part 1

All over the world, the youth are the most dynamic facet of every society, economy or government. However, the most dynamic force of the world is the most marginalized or the most unfortunate.

Why is this so? Why are the youth struggling more than ever? Is it because parents have not trained them enough? Is it because parents have not imparted vision and purpose in their lives. Is it because parents have not harnessed their potential? There could be a thousand or more reasons.
The Youth Have A Cry

The Youth have a cry, a cry that has fueled so many things we term as violence, so many things we term as useless. One thing am sure of, is that it is not just the governments problem, it is all our problem, this is because we are all parents, whether in a government position or not, we are all a part of a community who see these children grow, we see them go astray and we say nothing, we see them give up and get frustrated, we see them live for nothing and we tell them they are useless. We are either in the bracket of younger youth, adults or the elderly but we are all to play a part even the youth themselves.

Different Perspective

I choose to look at change in a different perspective.

  1. The youth need a new voice, a voice of encouragement, a voice of hope, a voice of belief, a voice attaching value and importance to them. They need a voice telling them that they are not just the future but the present future and that they need to be prepared now more than ever for every opportunity that might present itself because when preparation meets opportunity success is a must. 
  2. The Youth need to be told that they are the greatest resource a nation can have. They need to be told that their life is not a mistake, that a resource cannot be looked at as a burden but instead they are an opportunity in itself to the nation. An opportunity that will flow like a river of life.
  3. The Youth need to be told that they need a mindset change, that they need to view themselves from the point of am created by God for a purpose, from a point of value, they need to view themselves from the point of hope, that they need to view themselves as the warriors who cannot be beaten down by temporary challenges of this life because indeed as it has always been said there is no permanent situation and that tough times don't last but tough, skilled, empowered, learned and humble people do.
  4. The Youth need to be told they can make it and that nothing is too hard to achieve, they need to be reminded of great young men, who rallied with their vision and did not look back but made it to the end. They need to be told that nothing is impossible, just like Nelson Mandela said, "It always seems impossible until it is done".
  5. The youth need a new found form of inspiration, Inspiration from God, Inspiration from those who will choose to love them and not castigate them but still discipline in love. They still need the love of a father, a mother, a brother, a sister, an aunt, an uncle, the neighbor, the police, the doctors, the care takers, the government officials, the taxi drivers, and every other person who comes a across their path.
  6. The youth need the elders even though they aren't closely related to embrace them as their own. Someone might not be directly related but you can be a father, a role model, a destiny carrier. The embrace needed is an embrace of unending love, peace, joy. An embrace telling them we need you and can't do without you. An embrace telling them, "We are better off working on the same team and not competing", An embrace telling them, "I am here to teach you, you can have confidence and learn from me". An embrace telling them,"I will not manipulate you, I will not use you but love you". And an embrace telling them, "I will empower you to empower others".
  7. The youth need to be Impacted, Empowered and Transformed, this could happen by instilling the culture of reading, teaching and most importantly those guiding them to live and lead by example.

The Youth need..... 

To be continued

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