Miracles Can Happen Anywhere And Every Where

Hey Friends and Family, I bless the Lord for you and yeah always grateful for thus far God brings us all, we surely are under his refuge and protection. Recently My wife Martha Baluka Opio and I experienced two important important miracles that we keep thanking God for. 
Recently we got a house help and she has been with us now for a month and many a time we could call her and she wouldn't hear at all, one of her ears was deaf and the other was also dying slowly but surely.
A few days back while having our evening devotion before retiring to bed, as we kept on teaching her a few English words to better her communication, My wife kept translating whatever I was sharing and we told her to ONLY BELIEVE in God, and that if she did, he would HEAL her of her ailment. But First she gave her life to CHRIST which was the most important and that made us happy as that was the first miracle. We spoke to her and told her that there is NOTHING IMPOSSIBLE WITH GOD. 
As we spoke her FAITH WAS RAISED…

How Are You Living Your Life?

We all surely have a destiny and it can either be GOOD or BAD. We are living in a time where LIFE isn't guaranteed. You live knowing that you might not even reach 60, 70 or 120. People have even given up on advise on how they can better their health, people are living reckless lives and giving up themselves to things that kill them. Right now it's not even about the food we eat or the water we drink or the exercise you do or don't know. 
There is more to life. People are dying of depression, people are dying because of lost hope, people are dying because of disobedience etc. Moses asked GOD one thing TEACH ME TO NUMBER MY DAYS SO THAT I MAY APPLY MY HEART TO WISDOM. 
I have more hope in Jesus Christ the giver of life, you can try whatever you want to and I guarantee you will never have any satisfaction, you can make your plans without him but tomorrow they will be left here as well and they will be destroyed, To Live Is Christ and Die Is Gain. 
Times have worsened and they wi…

Making WISE Money Decisions

Lately I have been in a place where by if you got it wrong on a decision for your life, it could be something that can bring about disappointment and a major setback. I have learnt that it is good to have a sober mind whenever it comes to making investments or anything that involves money. First of all, it is good to know what you want - in other words, do you have a PLAN for the future or for the short term, medium and long term investment. Without a plan, when money comes, it can go to anything not planned for and you wonder why a certain goal wasn't met. So Always have a PLAN in mind. The other point number two is to always seek CONSULTATION, In a many counselors there is wise counsel, when you walk with the wise you become wise as well. I have found out that seeking a second opinion will give you the opportunity first of all not to rush the decision but also to take time to evaluate if what you are going to do will meet your desired goals and values for your life and those in…

Is Your LIFE SO SMOOTH that it makes you feel like you don't NEED GOD.

"Is Your LIFE SO SMOOTH that it makes you feel like you don't NEED GOD." 

This statement got me thinking. I remember when Job was doing all fine and well. God asked the Devil where he was and he said, "I was moving to and fro all over the earth." They had a brief talk and we all know what it ended up in. Not forgetting Job was an upright man but God trusted that he wouldn't turn a way from him and we all know how the story ended in #doubleportion.

But we shouldn't think that when troubles come, God has brought tragedy or hell over us - we shouldn't only expect Good, sometimes the bad will come, it could be even worse to a point where you lose your everything and more so a life.
There has been a deception that the enemy brings, and it lies in the so called things that we seem to derive happiness from, no amount of things that make our life comfortable and smooth are bigger than the God who lives in us, he is our ultimate peace, joy, love etc ..

Let Go…

Other People's Live's and their Stories Can Be A Major Push to Succeed

When we read about Joshua in the Bible, we see how God told him to arise and take on leadership, At that point Moses was no more. God told Joshua not to let the book of the law depart from him. Moses played a big part in making sure the laws and commands of God were followed. But we can see for sure that the life of Moses was encouraging in one way or the other, we can see that God told Joshua to be of Good Courage and that he would be with him. God was with Moses, his presence never left him and the same thing was being offered to Joshua. 
The stories and biographies of people are something we normally don't want to look into yet there is depth and wealth of wisdom, both from their failures and successes... While Reading About Jim Rohn, I found out this guy's life was surely a product of someone mentoring him in one way or the other. I found out that he rose from the lowest to the highest. I found out that he started giving personal development talks as a result of the thing…

The Deception Of These So Called Movies We Watch

When I was a little younger, movies back then were something everyone talked about and it was the era of VHS you know. I remember vividly watching one of my old time greats RAMBO - FIRST BLOOD from part 1 to the last.

The influence movies have on children is far-fetched to a point where we could try to act like these guys while playing but also such things led to bad fights in schools. Someone would want to be Rambo thinking they can beat and fight everyone, or another superman fighting badman, and the question would be let us see Who is the Badest? This influence is so deep that it goes beyond the subconscious mind and we find people actually want to live or act like what they have seen. Don't blame the so many hair styles introduced in the early 90s or dress codes whatever you could call it - today the fashion industry has made billions of money through showcasing their costumes or clothes in movies, music videos, drama etc. I once had a weird thought at the time when LRA was a…

Having The Right Goal Is Important

Life has so many twists and turns but if you have the right attitude and goals in mind, it is easy to beat so many odds. The issue about money is something that goes beyond money itself but requires lots of self management and governance
You can have many plans or many good goals but they aren't the right ones. What do I mean by "The Right Goal" this is something that is achievable, something that is honest, something that does not only benefit you but also others, something that is not limited to today but also focuses  on the hope of the future. It's also true that you can have a goal that's bad, something that is totally the opposite of what I have mentioned, e.g people saving to have money for showing off, getting the latest this and that, or belonging to a certain class, some put money aside to fund the wrong kind of things like terrorism, or just getting rid of a certain person you like or not.. so your goal should bring ultimate glory to God and not your…

The Digital WAR

Come to think about it, everything is on social media and this world or digital world has a lot to do with the way we run life today. Take for example the fact that business is run on facebook or twitter and other social media sites, How would someone block those sites yet they are giving the organisation /Institution /Company /Churches ? Secret Groups or Organisations ?Public figure {Be it Corrupt /Murderer/Satanist/Atheist/False Prophets or Good person etc} visibility - Take for example your working in a place where you want to block all or most PORN SITES but we forget that porn stars or organisations have also opened up facebook or twitter pages to promote sexual promiscuity. We all understand the need and know the power of social media and what it can do but it also has greater risks it comes with, As a parent or organisation you might think you have blocked all sites on your laptop or child's laptop or home or work networ…

Watch Out For Masquerading Prophets/Pastors/Teachers

Watch Out For Masquerading Prophets/Pastors/Teacher etc (the ones who aren't genuine) [I call them Impostors] who keep seeing things and then they tell you, you have to sow a seed for the problem to go away, When they pray for you, they tell you that you have another deeper problem and that you have to make a big sacrifice [people have lost property in the name of selling them for their healing or break through - 
I know when God has told me to sow a seed and it isn't dependent on him doing this or that for me but its for the work of the kingdom but am also very sure of what his word says that those who sow will reap.. but doesn't talk about being compelled or pushed, it is okay for someone to tell you why money is needed for this or that and its upon you to partner with them, God can't fail to bless you, for his word says in Galatians 6:9 that those who don't grow weary in doing good shall reap if they faint not] - You should never be compelled or forced to give it…

Take Away

If Marriage was based on skin color Take away the color of skin - what would you love in the person?
If making it in life was bases on tribalism Take away the tribe of a person - How would they succeed without it?
If love was based on material possession Take away the material possession - what would make the relationships last without it? Take a deep thought about this!
If knowledge and Great expertise is based on Race Take away the Race What would be the reason for the great knowledge people embody?
If being great was based on connections Take away the connections What would have made those who failed and were called no more or amount to nothing have been - Its recorded that Nothing good could come out of Nazareth but Jesus did come from there and he is the greatest, the saviour of the world
If success was based on luck Take away the luck What would be the real reason for success? would it be attitude, associations, vision, some shaped by their background etc
We Are All Made By God We all…

Be Valuable

BE VALUABLE As I keep doing what I love to do in the field of ICT, I have come to realize that people are no just seeking you to help them but they are seeking you to ADD VALUE to their lives. Besides just doing your work and going away, ask yourself this question, "What is my Motivation?" Is it just money you are after or Is it something else. The reason for why you do what you do can determine a lot in yours and other people's lives.  If you have the attitude of service helping others will not be a problem whether you are appreciated or not. Something is always regarded as valuable when it is no longer there but you can make your value known by being there. When our motives are clear about whatever we are going to do, sometimes you will turn down some offers because you are honest about not being able to do it at that time but may be later. Doing work the right way without wanting to cheat someone will win you favor beyond just one individual. If you make yourself valu…

Little by Little

LITTLE BY LITTLE It is really a hard thing for many of us to have patience, we are always wanting to live life on the fast lane where everything comes fast. I believe some of the reasons we are unhealthy is because of the concept of fast foods, It is always good to be patient and pick out things that you want at a steady pace. Little by little you will eventually get to where you want. When it comes to money, It's even worse - the get-rich quick scheme is on the lips of everyone. If you asked someone a random question where they have been, they will tell you, "I have been looking for money". Sometimes this whole thing has driven many of us crazy and we have even lost touch with normal relationships in the name of wanting to get things quick.

And when things are done quick, somehow dishonest ways are even propped in to facilitate the quick way of making money - I guarantee you some how you can never be happy and it will eventually disappear.
Having read and I still continue …

Surely God Never Fails

I don't know how to express myself or use words that can truly bring out the sense of what I mean by "SURELY GOD NEVER FAILS". You can never understand the meaning and depth of light until you go through darkness and Light is all you long for. - Even though it is a tiny bit of light, the influence it has on lighting up your path and giving you clear vision, is something appreciable and that many can or should never take for granted.
Stories have been told of how people have been in a mess and in our human understanding or perception, we write them off like damaged cars that seem to be out of form for repair. But if you see things differently you could be the only one who says that I can bring back this car  to life. I must say that what the Bible says in Job 14: "At least there is hope for a tree: If it is cut down, it will sprout again, and its new shoots will not fail."is surely true. 
We might never understand the pain that someone has gone through or is go…

Celebrating the Life of the Late Arch Bishop Janani Luwum [16th February Day to Honor him]

I see no Christian write about the Late ArchBishop Janani Luwum but am not saying they should, I have read a few scripts written in the papers about this man, he was not only a person who detested Amin's dictatorship [they say he was a leading critic of the regime and had personally delivered a note of protest to the big man against arbitrary killings and unexplained disappearances of people in the country Uganda], Samuel Oduny in his commentary of today's The New Vision said "Luwum was a courageous patriot". 

PM Ruhakana Rugunda says "Janani Luwum stands tall in our history and as an example beyond Uganda's borders". It is still said that among his good deeds, "Luwum showed great care in the leprosy work in Gulu, holding thanksgivings services to those discharged from the hospital." 
I still can't believe that he was Archbishop for the province of the Church of Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and Boga Zaire (DR Congo) - this is phenomal and most of…

When I Think About ...

It All Started With An Idea - Ideas are powerful especially when put to work When I think about the Watch your wearing, You are able to tell time just because someone sat down and thought, Instead of looking at the rising and going down of the sun, let me put something on their hands that can match the time of the day When I think About the clothes your wearing, Some one thought of not just covering you up but making you look good When I think about the car you sitting in or driving, Some one thought instead of trekking long distances and using horses, why not make a four wheeled car powered by an engine to take you from point A to B. When I think about the house you are in, Someone thought of making it that way so that you could not only have a roof on your head but that it could keep you warm when it is cold or protect you from thugs, bad weather etc When I think about the Inspiration you are reading now, The books you are reading now, the articles you are reading now, someone thought l…

How Honest Are You With Budgeting And Applying The Godly Principles Of Money In The Bible?

Proverbs 11: 1The Lord detests dishonest scales,
but accurate weights find favor with him.

2 When pride comes, then comes disgrace,
but with humility comes wisdom.

3 The integrity of the upright guides them,
but the unfaithful are destroyed by their duplicity.

I have come to realize honesty with myself and what I do opens a door for me. If i acknowledge am weak in a certain area, I am already showing that I need help from someone who is stronger in that particular area. While budgeting and planning out how to manage your resources these are some key things you will need to know:-
1. You Have To Be Honest With your state of life and work towards making it better, this will make you gain favor with God and his people.
2. In being honest, You Need To Be Humble - this leads to Wisdom and with wisdom you make wise decisions that will change your life and create a good environment for managing your finances.
3. You Need Integrity - as clearly explained, It GUIDES the Upright but when your unfai…

OBEDIENCE - A key tool to Financial Freedom (You WILL BE SET HIGH ABOVE OTHERS)

OBEDIENCE Have you ever wondered how such a strong word can blend into financial management. Just Give it A TRY, set your budget and obey the set standard and see the results compared to when you were spending with a plan or direction. One ACT of OBEDIENCE can translate into generation wealth Here is a scripture from Deuteronomy 28:1-14 " “If you fully obey the Lord your God and carefully keep all his commands that I am giving you today, the Lord your God will set you high above all the nations of the world. 2 You will experience all these blessings if you obey the Lord your God: 3 Your towns and your fields will be blessed.
4 Your children and your crops will be blessed. The offspring of your herds and flocks will be blessed.
5 Your fruit baskets and breadboards will be blessed.
6 Wherever you go and whatever you do, you will be blessed." ........ read up to 14
Be Blessed

Invest based on KNOWLEDGE and not SPECULATION

The same thing about knowledge comes back whether we want it or not. 
When we have knowledge we are informed. Some one once said that it is hard to manipulate people when they are informed. This same principle applies to financial management and investment in relation to your financial goals. When you don't have knowledge, it is a recipe for disaster, knowledge makes you make informed decisions and such can make you avoid GET RICH QUICK SCHEMES and appreciate going through the process of a well researched investment opportunity or product or service. I quote Sylvia Juuko "Any empowered investor will choose where to invest based on knowledge and not speculation, and this will be in line with heir financial goals" Remember Hosea 4:6 says My people perish for lack of knowledge

Continue In The Things You Have Learned

2 Timothy 3:14 But as for you, continue[be faithful] in what you have learned and have become convinced of, because you know those from whom you learned it, There are questions we must continue to ask ourselves, if we are to improve on how we do our personal, business financial management.
Am I continuing in what I have learnt by practicing it? Am I faithful to myself and to the application of the principles? Am I consulting even more concerning something I am struggling with? Am I reading to find out more about that subject? Am I networking with people in that field to learn from them?

There are certain habits we need to develop in relation to the questions asked, Timothy continued and was faithful in what he learnt as he practiced more and the source of the person who taught him was also authentic and that played a big part in his success story. A friend of mine called Bweme Antonio once mentioned that "When we develop the habit of success, we make success a Habit"


The best investment you can ever make is in your brain, scripture confirms this by saying we should be transformed by the renewing of our minds. When you aren't transforming, it means you are conforming to something. When it comes to financial management, the same principle applies, we need to keep learning and re-learning, we can only be changed by what we read and how we apply it... 2 Timothy 2:14 [KJV] Of these things put them in remembrance, charging them before the Lord that they strive not about words to no profit, but to the subverting of the hearers. 15 Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.