How Are You Living Your Life?

We all surely have a destiny and it can either be GOOD or BAD. We are living in a time where LIFE isn't guaranteed. You live knowing that you might not even reach 60, 70 or 120. People have even given up on advise on how they can better their health, people are living reckless lives and giving up themselves to things that kill them. Right now it's not even about the food we eat or the water we drink or the exercise you do or don't know. 

There is more to life. People are dying of depression, people are dying because of lost hope, people are dying because of disobedience etc. Moses asked GOD one thing TEACH ME TO NUMBER MY DAYS SO THAT I MAY APPLY MY HEART TO WISDOM. 

I have more hope in Jesus Christ the giver of life, you can try whatever you want to and I guarantee you will never have any satisfaction, you can make your plans without him but tomorrow they will be left here as well and they will be destroyed, To Live Is Christ and Die Is Gain. 

Times have worsened and they will worsen even more but be of Good Cheer Because Christ Overcame The World, He also Overcame DEATH, so there is nothing that you should FEAR. However I have one reminder to put before many of you Today, ACCEPT CHRIST TODAY, In Him We Live, Move and Have Our Being. 

The things of this world shall pass way, you and I will pass away and be a part of either Kingdoms. The Trumpet Is About To Sound, I hope you and I will be prepared. Dr Myles once said The Greatest Tragedy On Earth Is Not Death, But A Life Lived Without Purpose. Your Purpose Is Found In God, And When You Accept Jesus and Live Empowered By Him Through The Holy Spirit, There Will be Nothing To Be Afraid Of. ‪#‎LiveALifeOfPurpose‬ and Let Christ Be The Centre of Your Life ‪#‎AcceptHimToday‬

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