Miracles Can Happen Anywhere And Every Where

Hey Friends and Family, I bless the Lord for you and yeah always grateful for thus far God brings us all, we surely are under his refuge and protection. Recently My wife Martha Baluka Opio and I experienced two important important miracles that we keep thanking God for. 

Recently we got a house help and she has been with us now for a month and many a time we could call her and she wouldn't hear at all, one of her ears was deaf and the other was also dying slowly but surely.

A few days back while having our evening devotion before retiring to bed, as we kept on teaching her a few English words to better her communication, My wife kept translating whatever I was sharing and we told her to ONLY BELIEVE in God, and that if she did, he would HEAL her of her ailment. But First she gave her life to CHRIST which was the most important and that made us happy as that was the first miracle. We spoke to her and told her that there is NOTHING IMPOSSIBLE WITH GOD. 

As we spoke her FAITH WAS RAISED, I sensed deep down in my spirit as there was an awesome PRESENCE OF GOD in our living room. It hit me so hard that miracles don't only happen in crusade grounds, they could actually happen in our living room. My wife prayed as she was meant to lead devotion that evening and then She asked me to go pray for her. I laid my hands and spoke the word of God to the deaf ear. After we prayed I asked her how she was feeling and she said she was hearing "NOISES" as she felt something had moved down her ear, I then told her we were going to pray that the NOISES would be no more. 

After we were done, we asked her if she could hear and it was affirmative, she closed the ear that was ok and we kept talking to the one that was deaf but she could hear perfectly as God had healed her.. God did not only heal her ear but also her eye that was troubling her with, it would pain so much that she would tear and get headaches that made her head heavy but all that the LORD did for her and today when we call her she hears perfectly(She is no longer DEAF) and her head is lighter. MAY THE NAME OF THE LORD BE GLORIFIED - GOD CAN MEET YOU IN YOUR LIVING ROOM OR WHEREVER YOU ARE - HE IS ALL POWERFUL, OMNISCIENT, OMNIPRESENT etc...

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