Take Away

If Marriage was based on skin color
Take away the color of skin -
what would you love in the person?

If making it in life was bases on tribalism
Take away the tribe of a person -
How would they succeed without it?

If love was based on material possession
Take away the material possession -
what would make the relationships last without it? Take a deep thought about this!

If knowledge and Great expertise is based on Race
Take away the Race
What would be the reason for the great knowledge people embody?

If being great was based on connections
Take away the connections
What would have made those who failed and were called no more or amount to nothing have been - Its recorded that Nothing good could come out of Nazareth but Jesus did come from there and he is the greatest, the saviour of the world

If success was based on luck
Take away the luck
What would be the real reason for success? would it be attitude, associations, vision, some shaped by their background etc

We Are All Made By God
We all have equal opportunities
We all have 24 hours, It's not about how strong or swift
Time and opportunities happen to us all
The value of what is within us is greater than the value of the things we see.
The eternal is always a by product of the internal engineering of the great things God has given us
God has given us everything that pertains to live and godliness, ultimate love, success, great marriages and many things find their footing in God..
There is one thing that can't be replaced and that is GOD..... 

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