The Digital WAR


Come to think about it, everything is on social media and this world or digital world has a lot to do with the way we run life today.
Take for example the fact that business is run on facebook or twitter and other social media sites, How would someone block those sites yet they are giving the organisation /Institution /Company /Churches ? Secret Groups or Organisations ?Public figure {Be it Corrupt /Murderer/Satanist/Atheist/False Prophets or Good person etc} visibility - Take for example your working in a place where you want to block all or most PORN SITES but we forget that porn stars or organisations have also opened up facebook or twitter pages to promote sexual promiscuity. We all understand the need and know the power of social media and what it can do but it also has greater risks it comes with, As a parent or organisation you might think you have blocked all sites on your laptop or child's laptop or home or work network but they still have access to some of these groups or pages within facebook... It might be totally hard or even not possible to block such sites because you are not the admin or in control of it and in any case such groups or sites are staking their claim in the digital world even more to sell their products and damage lives in the form of pleasure... How in such a world will you protect the innocence of young and old people and promote moral and godly values.. all those so called videos and porn sites are promoting rape, defilement, divorce, child pornography and trafficking etc... Infact ask yourself how have you prevented this from getting to you, may be that evaluation could help you and others.

When people are taught about values and the truth about the degrading nature of some of these things and how it can affect them because the way the world views sex is different from what the word of God teaches and its that truth from the word that can bring a great and total change that can renew minds and save lives..

I believe there is a DIGITAL WAR where everyone is competing to be liked and accepted and whoever wins, influences the minds of people and that is what is passed on. Sometimes I marvel at how even a married couple or parents can watch x or r-rated movies with their children, leave the movies cartoons have been inflitrated with this deadly scourge or disease and we allow the children to be entertained instead of telling from childhood especially when they can understand for goodness sake what are we promoting! Whatever entertains us or our children enters us and it becomes an imprint. While watching those so called x-rated movies you see people hurrying to turn off when a sexual scene comes up and all this is done in guilt because they actually know its not right and that sex is sacred and it in anycase those who act aren't even married in most cases, so acting becomes a lifestyle that is rubbed on innocent people and the cycle continues, Uganda/Kenya movies today are taking the same trend in abid to sell their movies or episodes and we are celebrating the so called actors hence they have become celebs, it must be a rule i guess, no explicit stuff no sales.
We really need to take watch and #BeSilentNoMore..... The war is on and it will wipe out many young and old people... WHAT CAN BE DONE? talk about these things with a clear view of what God teaches in his word and will find people naturally hating sin because of their love for God as its written in Proverbs 8:13 and they know the dangers this can put on their life as a whole.... remember you will have children or you have children already old or young or even great grand children... or you have the community around you or you have the social media platform around you.. you will only teach and pass on what you believe in and practice by example... #JustMyThoughts #WeNeedToWakeUpToThisReality which has been around for ages and impart the right values in the lives of people from when they are young... just like Paul told Timothy 2 Timothy 2:2 and 2 Timothy 3:10-17


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