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Friday, 3 October 2014

Who Am I that Your Mindful Of

Who Am I Oh God

That you that you have given a new day
I wake up each day with my whole body Intact
I breath In and Out like it is Obvious
I open my mouth and talk without any difficulty
I eat food without any difficulty
I am healthy on mind, soul, body and spirit

Who Am I Oh God

Each passing day is a miracle in itself
You love covers me
You Grace empowers me
I see my family healthy and strong
I see love grow and I see Victory

Who Am I Oh God

That you have chosen me to the Light of the world
That your mercies are new every
That you correct me and rebuke me in your love
That you empower me with the knowledge to change my life and the generations of today and the ones to come

Who Am I Oh God

That you have blessed with a wonderful family
That you have blessed with wonderful and beautiful wife
That you have blessed with wonderful friends
That you have blessed with wonderful ministry
That you have set apart for you work in the Kingdom
That you have blessed with wonderful men and women, mothers and fathers, daughters and sons, children who you have made cross my path and blessed me in one way or the other

Who Am I Oh God

That from the time I was born you heard mercy on my father and mother
You saw us through the dark days of poverty but lifted us each day and now we are not where you used to be
That you enabled my brothers and sisters get educated with the meagre resources both my parents had
That you fed us and also fed strangers and many relatives at a time when little was really little but somehow we all fed and were happy
That you brought some people in our lives who were friendly, supported us and wished us well
That even when dad passed away and many the so called close friends were no where to be seen, you took us through life and gave my mother the wisdom, strength, character and courage to believe in you, to believe that her children would be raised to a level of trusting you and being outstanding people in society.

Who Am I Oh God

That you died for and exchanged your life a ransom
That you have made me a little lower than the angels
That you have crowned with glory and honor
That you have given dominion over all things.

Who Am I Oh God

That you visit, a son of a man 
That you call me your own, adopted in your own right and made your son
That you fellowship with me
That you speak to me
That you lift me up when am down
Who Am I Oh God... I can never fathom how deep, how wide, how long, how strong your love is for me, I pledge to serve and honor you my God whose undying and unending love stretches from the time you thought about me even before i was formed in my mothers womb - you stand out as the only one and true God, you are Jehovah nissi, Jehovah rapha, Elshadi, etc Who Am I Oh God.... Who Am I Oh God...

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