Change Is Not Too Far - It's Within You

We are living and continue to live in a world where Humanity regards what's abnormal as Normal
When we shun it, policies are made so that we can abide and protect what's evil
Governments are defending and legislating against the values that preseve man kind
And letting evil take over. The News is the same all over, Hatred, Rapes, Defilements, Wives and Husbands killing each other, Youth Un-employed, Drugs, Health centres in a sorry state, Wars after War, Wars never end, they increase all because of strive, jealousy, the desire to shed blood in the name of receiving a reward of virgins, the desire to rape young girls and boys thinking your honoring a god.

It is still a world where the church keeps quiet instead of talking against evil
The Church takes donations that have political attachments and are most times against the values and principles of God's word
The Church fights against the urge to say no to same sex marriage but gives in to the pressure of the so called HUMAN RIGHT
The Church instead of giving knowledge are engrossed in ignorant acts of human life
Instead of a Pastor praying for deliverance of someone he or she is after money and is instead the stumbling block, the stories are endless

It is very simple when stopped by a cop along a traffic high way to give them a bribe even when 
you aren't in the wrong, this is all because society has accepted that norm of life and such evil deeds keep fuelling even more evil deeds.
We live in a time where change seems to far and Humanism has become something of a god-like stature, something of importance
We have made what is wrong to become a right and what is right to become a wrong

I still believe in a God of Change, The one who created Heaven and Earth
I believe in the truth of his word written in the Holy Scriptures,
For things to turn around we shouldn't lose sight of the word of God,
We shouldn't give in the prevailing wickedness,
When everyone is falling, We shall stand,
When the world is standing, we shall Outstand them
It is never to late to Right the Wrongs,
Do your part, stand for the truth,
Don't waver, be strong and Courageous for God will be with you
I still believe there are remnants those who uphold truth and values of God's word
I still believe there are right government officials and right churches
Is till believe there are people who have a great desire for change it will happen with God at the forefront
One thing am for sure the devil lost 2000 years ago and he is fighting a loosing battle

When the devil thought that Jesus was done with the death on the cross
He thought it was over, But our Lord died that we may live
He was cursed that we may be blessed
He became poor that we might become rich through his poverty
Change isn't too far
Change is within You

It might seem like it's all over, But it's not over until God says so
We are overcomers and We won't let Humanity define what is good or bad 
We will let God define what is Good or Bad
Change is not too far, It is Within You
Take it with both your hands, Take it with all your heart, and be of great influence with the Light of God's word.
I conclude with the words of Paul, All things are permissble but not all things are beneficial and I will not be brought under the power of any because all things have been placed under my feet. And I will be the CHANGE I WANT TO SEE because the God of change who is greater than the devil in the world lives within me.

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