Africa Will Fight that Disease War (Like Ebola) - It is a war beyond Armory and Africa is Rising with Great Awareness

It seems to me and it gets even clearer that the weapons
of war fare imposed from some of the richest countries in this world is not just armory
but actually viruses that are created to infect people,
Imagine if the story of how Ebola came about is true,
just look at how many people have been wiped out so far,
you don't need a gun to shoot anyone, just get into contact with a sick person then it keep spreading like that...
There is a war which doesn't need people to pick up guns but a war which is invisible
and it's happening in laboratories where research is done in the name of science to avert something deadly,
Why is it that Africa has suffered more than any continent in regards to viral diseases,
our poor state even worsens things and for this to be dealt with
we call on the so called superior powers to help us,
they pour in their money and technical expertise to manage this,
we get happy and lift them up there, there is a war we can't see with our eyes but it's happening,
All I can say is Africa Rise, You are not so dump,
You Have the Intelligence, You have the Will of God to counter attack
and fight systems that are trying to take you over,
you are not less than what you ought to be, you can make your own medicine,
do your own research and fight your own battles,
We don't need to be bought, We don't need to Believe we are weak,
We are stronger, Stronger than ever, We have God's knowledge and empowerment,
We have wisdom from God... Africa Is Rising, And we won't be defeated. 

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