The Family - the most important part of shaping someone's life

I stand to believe that as much as we pursue careers to make us a somebody of influence,
The families and homes we grow up in determine most of what we will do,
If not seen right it is the most influential place in our lives,

Imagine how some one who comes from a broken home thinks,
Someone who comes from a home that upholds many good virtues,
Someone who comes from a rich home without regard to God,

The family will forever be the bed rock and foundation for almost 90% of our life's up bringing,
To know a good father and mother, just look at the children, the respect they have for them
The values and virtues they keep talking about and how they were brought up and what they were taught
All this springs into their daily life.

If you come from a home of thieves, you will be a thief even when you hold a government office,
What kind of influence then will you have, it will all be negative, saddening and life threatening,
If you come from a home that regards God and upholds the right biblical values then the influence will be that of God... 
#Don't neglect the power of family if it's bad be the one to fix it with the right ingredients

A Prayer for families, fathers, mothers and children 

Oh God you are the Lord of families
The name of every family is derived from heaven
May you give every family the desire and love to honor you 
and make you LORD over their homes.

May fathers declare that "As for them and their house, they will serve you"
May your light shine on every family and make every form of darkness flee and every chain broken
May your hand be upon the mothers and children to prosper you
And may every family proclaim that you are God and reflect in their everyday lives their allegiance to you.

And Lord what the devil has done to dismantle and break families
May his plan be frustrated and may restoration come
Bring every broken family back together and let money, Inheritance and so many things not take your place.
In Jesus' name Amen

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