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Friday, 17 October 2014

What can we do but Trust in God

What Can We Do? But Trust God
It's a time in our live's when things are hard,
may be they will get worse cause all signs show that,

What can we do?
In this helpless body,
Our strength is frail, 
the one's we hope in are Retarding
Their promises are Null and Void, our Imagination is limited,
our hope is choked, 

What can we do?
When our hope is choked, 

What can we do?
When our leaders are as weak as us
There is nothing much but we got to stand, 
We got to trust in God, He alone is our help 

A river never stops flowing because it's source is defined. 
God is our source of everything and our bosoms will be full even in hard and crunch times.

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