Walking you through it..

Hey Friends, Family, Colleagues....I fell on this document i wrote some years back and it blest me, thought i could share it with someone out there and tell you God will walk you through it....

Ever looked around you and seen everything fail, ever hoped and dreamed that you would be somewhere, ever thought that your turning point was right about that corner. 

Yes this happens a lot, in fact it does happen when you have worked harder than you expected, it happens when you have clinched a serious deal and the returns were worthwhile but what came of it was just peanut it wasn't even equivalent to the sweat that dropped from you. It wasn't equivalent to the amount of time invested and creativity imparted.

Sometimes you think that the only option is to drop back and fade away slowly and see all your efforts equate to zero. I think it’s when you get the disbelief that the choices you made are wrong, that nothing good can come out of you, that you are a nobody, that you are a failure.

I have come to believe that “we are not alone”, that we don’t have to give up so easily because we are more than close to our break through, we don’t have to faint (loose heart).

When we keep our heads up and believe that we are not less than what we ought to be then we can triumph, then we are champions of our lives, more so God is with us as long as we acknowledge him in all we do, he will make the most out of us, he will unlock every gift and potential to take you the “place” you have imagined, the one you have dreamed of, the one you have been seeking answers for.

Sometimes it’s just  a “trust” away, the trust you had lost, it needs to be regained and engaged to the fullest of commitment, to trust is to commit.
We let go of our fundamental pillars that help us carry on in life, the belief you were taught, the one you had engineered by your faith, I ask the same question in such moments, “Where is my faith?”, “Why am I failing”?, but at times you got to tell yourself I won’t stop believing.

I've come to learn that what you believe God for he will give that thing, I draw my inspiration from John 1:12...”To them that believed he gave them the right to become children of God”. This just amazes me because my belief equals my rightful possession, it is my right!

When God walks you through he never counts your failure against you, he never counts your past against you, and he brings freshness upon you, he brings a revelation to take you through because he is with you, he is besides you to count on you that you will triumph, to trust you and be gracious to you. He loves the fact that he is making you into his likeness and you got to go through some stuff.

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