Monday 16 June 2014

Happy Father's Day to Mzee George William Nyeko

Just like a a glory of children is their Father, so has it been evident in my(our) life
Just like a leader in our home, so have you been in my(our) life
Just like a specter of hope and pride, so have you been in my(our) life
Just like a warrior in an army, so have you been in my(our) life 
Just like the tree that stands tall among many, so have you been in my(our) life

With your integrity and Humility, you have shown me(us) the way
With your big heart, you have shown me(us) how to Give
With your wide arms, you have shown me(us) not to discriminate
With your smile, you have made me(us) smile again
With your love, you have taught me (us) how to love

We can call on you anytime and call you Dad - you have brought us under your wings as Father of all
You have made us not fill empty even with the losses we have had especially for your brother my Father
Because of the Christ in you and the Christ in Maa' Irene - God had favor in us and we have walked in Salvation
When I told you a found a woman (Martha) - you were ready to take her own as your own daughter and am glad she can find a Dad in you
On my wedding day you embraced me as your own son and besides all the support you give which am forever and eternally grateful, you gave me a campus and direction for mine and my wife's life and that is THE HOLY BIBLE, I believe it's is my recipe for success in all areas of my life. THANK YOU DADDY!!!!!! APWOYO MATEK

Join with me Family, 
To the best father alive
  1. We salute you
  2. We pray for you
  3. We wish you good health and long satisfying life
  4. We pray for unending favor'
  5. We commend you
  6. We applaud you
  7. We are proud of you
  8. We stand with you
  9. We bless you
  10. We honor you
  11. We wish you peace and good tidings
  12. You are the BEST
  13. Your legacy is undeniably profound and a reference for generations to come
  14. Your Mark is the mark of excellence 
  15. We LOVE you more than anything
HAPPY FATHER'S DAY " Proverbs 17:6 - Children’s children are the crown of old men,
And the glory of children is their father."
Thank You for being OUR FATHER.

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