Picked this form one of our bible studies we did a year back or 2. It  blest me and it will bless u.

Many a times we are faced with situations and challenges that test our courage. 
Because we are not brave enough we lay back in fear, we refuse to proceed because we think we have not got what it takes. People who change the face of the world are courageous people, those who will walk above their fear and face all odds without giving room to worry and remorse.

Uncourageous people are those who discourage the weak and rob them too of their little faith that a mountain can be moved. Courage is giving up your fear for what’s in store for you irrespective of whether you have got what it takes or not but operating in faith and confidence in God hence believing him without a doubt to pull you through.

If God has spoken about your possession, about your future or even present it doesn’t matter who inhabits or who is in control, because you have an assurance that God is with you and he will never leave you nor forsake you. If you lay back and operate in fear your courage is robbed by the fact that you’ve let fear crip in, you deny yourself your own success which would come with the possibility that God is backing you up and not that it can’t be done because your young, small, weak, vulnerable and that you don’t have what it takes. You’re more than all that because the power of the Great I AM is in you that can work against all negative thoughts.

The courage of one lifts up the hearts of many and creates a determination which can’t be stopped no matter how hard things may be. 

When you discourage people this brings about complaints that cause a sense of loss of direction cause you choose to dwell on your weakness and not the one who makes you strong. Joshua and Caleb thought positively and hence reflected the courage they had because they trusted in the Lord who had spoken and was true to his word because he was able to deliver the promised land however much the amalekites and giants had taken over as they even were stronger than they but this made them different from the other spies because they knew their God was bigger than the challenge before them.

Our challenge is to invoke a life of courage in you that goes against all odds lets learn from Joshua and Caleb from Numbers 13:1-33 and Numbers 14:1-38

Note: Their courage was really tested when they where to take over their land and not when they were spying. It’s in the doing that we get tested and not the seeing.

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