Be The Channel/ Vessel of Change and Transformation

Have you ever wondered why you are blessed with what you have, Have you have sat back to ask why do i have this in my possession, Have you ever asked yourself why you are in the place where you are today, Have you looked around and asked yourself how can i be of help, Have you ever asked yourself how you got where you are today.

There is a notion that runs in our minds that we live for ourselves and us alone, true satisfaction can never come from self gratification because none of us is meant to live like that and more so with such thinking, we are more blessed when we share our lives, we are happier when we make someone else smile, it comes from the hearts of hearts, you want to see a life get better, you want to see a life improved.

When Istudy my life and look back, there are so many things i am grateful for even though i might have not had the best of times while growing up, but there are victories to look at and draw strength from, there are moments of joy to look at and say it was a good moment, when i sit back and remember how i did discussions with my friends to excel in my exams, it gives me joy and i can say firmly "it is the power of not working alone but coming together and sharing ideas for everyone's common good". 

When i look back at the moment when i was being sent home for not paying my school fees dues, those were sad moments you know very well that there was lots you were going to miss, the classes, the lessons, the sports with your friends hence leaving room for catch-up if indeed the fees was paid earlier, I look back and say why didn't God give my parents enough money to see me through not knowing they were working their tails off to make sure i got an education, indeed we ought to be grateful because as young people yours and my work was to study and learn and their work was to look for provision to make sure you and i got the best even though it was little, I would jump for joy when the fees was paid and I were allowed back in school to resume your studies.

When I look back at the sacrifices my mother made, I was told the story by her of how she had to make ends meet for us to have supplements of a better life, cooking with firewood like we were in a village setting, in the place of milk we took porridge because hey the dime wasn't there to buy such good things, infact i do remember that when we had milk and bread we were so happy and hey you wouldn't want to miss that breakfast but God through his mercy took us through and now we are grown, she opened up a kiosk, selling all the small groceries in the upscale area of Bugolobi to be specific Bazarabuzi drive street. he had to brew Waragi (local alcohol) to see that we had some money. My dad was working in the ministry information and the money wasn't enough because the home did not only house his own children but all sorts of people who were not relatives and today their lives are much better, many live like Kings and i guess they can remember how big my father's heart was to accept very many people, can you imagine living in a home with your own 6 children, some of his brothers and other relatives from my mums and people we did not know so you can do your mathematics, all i can say is with his BIG HEART he provided shelter and food for the many around, he did his part, he created an Impact that shall last forever.

A man or woman, young or old, boy or girl should never ever be happy when their friends, neighbors, colleagues are not doing well, we should be able to send a helping hand, we should be able to tell someone the secret of our success, we should be able to share the reason for our hope and the reason for our patience, we should be able to look around and say How can I help you, How can I be of help, How can i make a difference in your life, I know when we think about this many times we want to run to the thought of money, it is just one of those tools that can make a difference - it is so powerful that King Solomon says it answers all things. It doesn't take so much to tell someone that what they are doing is wrong, just an opportunity like that can change a life, if someone was struggling financially and you know someone else who can give financial help and more so financial knowledge to enable someone have good financial practice, that wouldn't take away anything from you, it still doesn't hurt to tell someone this is how life should be best own your values and principles.

I do this small writing with passion telling us you can be a vessel, you can be a vehicle, you can be that person who can make a difference in someone's life, you are that wind of change, don't sit on your talents, gifts, opportunities- be that channel of change God created you to be. You have a purpose and that purpose should transcend beyond your comfort, being yourself. Just Imagine when you touch that one life - How many lives do you think he/she will touch, you can't even fathom because one day the same will be done to your child just because of that great seed you have sowed of love, kindness, compassion, care etc

Be that Vessel of Change and Transformation, my parents did what they could, my uncles and aunts played their part, my brothers and sisters did their part, my teachers played their part, my friends and colleagues played their part, the church plays its part everyday and more so God plays his part everyday, #Can you Play your part TODAY.

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