Salvation Did Not Come Easy, It Came At A Price But It Was Freely Given


When I think about God's love for me and you, I see a vivid picture of Jesus Christ on the Cross. Have you ever thought about the pain he went through, the blood he shed for you, the crown of thorns that pierced him, the shame he bore.

if it wasn't for Christ, we would be no whereif it wasn't for him accepting the cup of suffering, we wouldn't be reconciled to our Makerif it wasn't for the beating, we wouldn't proclaim healing

Have you ever sat back and thought about your life, is it really pleasing to God, may be not or may it is, but everyday you get a chance to breath and see a new day. I am writing to remind you that God is watching over you, He has rescued you many times that you can't even count, He has held you when everyone walked out of your life, He has given you peace in the midst of the storms of life, that sickness should have killed you but he had mercy on you and gave you life. You put your trust in many things and yet they haven't been a covering for you like our God.

When you sit down to drink or eat or sing or laugh or cry or shout or boast or frame or diss or reject or depress or live in unforgiveness or step on someone, remember this God still loves you and he wouldn't have created you if he did not. Our life belongs to God but we many times give it out to many other things.

Romans 8:5 "But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us"

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