Jesus Is Coming, Yeshua Is Coming, When I Don't Know But He Is Coming


This post is not about prophetic gymnastic of you are going to build a big building, or you are going to drive the most expensive car or that am going to guess your brother or sisters name or where you work or your birthday. It is about the Lord's coming and about our hearts being prepared.

I remember when we were a little younger, when we heard in a message that Jesus was coming, we kind of freaked out and tried to live a good life from that point of the message until a certain point when it became a normal message and we got used to it. Yesterday while meditating I was reminded in my Spirit that Indeed JESUS IS COMING. The question is how prepared are we for his coming, are we excited that we shall be rejoined with our KING or is it because we still want to do and accomplish certain things that in any case can't add anything to our lives, there is nothing that is bigger than JESUS, He is life, He is everything.

God reminded me of how when we were kids and we heard our parents were on the way home from work, we would do everything to make sure the house was in order so that nothing bad is found, But what I got from that message is that we took our parents coming serious because they told us to abide by certain things and we wanted them to find them in order lest we would be spanked but for a good cause so that we grow up responsible people.

What strongly came into my heart is where has the REVERENCE and FEAR for God gone?, we are now living in a time where it's a normal message, people no longer break into repentance at the message of the cross because we think the subject of Jesus coming back is a hoax or it will take forever, my friends, family and colleagues, the King of kings will come and he is coming, when I don't know but you are better off being prepared than living your life without Christ himself who is our hope of glory.

Wickedness greatly increases and these were spoken of by the Lord Jesus himself, people's hearts are growing cold, we are preoccupying ourselves with the CARCASS of this world, we are like vultures gathering and feeding on the CARCASS and our souls are dying and growing cold, we are no longer sensitive to his word, we read and study it in passing just to show face that you know a scripture but you totally deny it's power, we are in a time where we are chasing after men and women of God instead of chasing after the God who created men and women, we are in a time where the world is redefining very many things, redefining what a man or woman can be, changing the story of marriage to something else, Bibles have been kicked out of schools, prayer is being stifled and you can't mention the name of Jesus because it is offensive we are in a time where our total trust is in men, women, property, power instead of in the most high God himself. We are in a time where selfishness increases, It is all about one's life, people are doing whatever it takes to be known and to get fame, pride has taken over and humility has taken a back sit, Lust is the order of the day, we dress in ways that look trendy whether it is revealing or not we don't care because we call it FASHION. It is good to be in the SPOTLIGHT but it is better to be the LIGHT of God in this world. The Lord comes with love and rebuke, he still is very merciful upon us but how ready are we, are you going to be like the five foolish virgins or the five wise virgins, the choice is entirely yours.

People have died before his coming and they have lived reckless lives without God, Don't wait to come to the Lord when you are too old or too weak, Do it when you are young, Do it when you still can impact lives for Jesus, I know it's never too late, God can snatch you at anytime even on your death bed but It's a beautiful experience to live for Christ and share about what he did on the cross in a serious way.


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