Elite Leadership 3:#LettersToMyFellowLeaders - Excerpts From What I Learnt As LeaderLeading With Purpose (Everything you do will have meaning and it will bring joy and satisfaction)

Hello Beloved Team

Greetings with love from our Father in heaven, The King of Kings is seated at his right hand making intercessions for you and I. It is a beautiful thing to wake up every morning knowing you are in the strongest team and that there is an assurance of victory at every step that the Holy Spirit takes you and I through.

I love you guys and I keep praying for you, if there is any prayer I would like you to know is that God will KEEP YOU HEALTHY so that you can LEAD WITH PURPOSE everyday of your life. The Scriptures I am putting below are to point us to what am going to share on leading with purpose, there are many more but these few will suffice.

Acts 26:16 ESV 

But rise and stand upon your feet, for I have appeared to you for this purposeto appoint you as a servant and witness to the things in which you have seen me and to those in which I will appear to you.

In him we have obtained an inheritance, having been predestined according to the purpose of him who works all things according to the counsel of his will.

Micah 6:8 ESV 

He has told youO man, what is good; and what does the Lord require of you but to do justice, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God?
As we climaxed last week, it ended on a high while Edward Hire talked about the "Attitude of Giving" and there were many profound statements were made in relation to the revelation given from God's word e.g It is not about how big the gift is but about the intent of the heart, my greatest desire is that everything we have been taught will be translated into the practical reality of things. Faith makes things real that's why it is important to act upon every word and determine to change - Remember that the way you live your life now will not be any different from when your older, so if you get the right principles and apply them now it will be something you will also teach your children. And the way you live your life now determines how it will affect your future, so be wise in acquiring wisdom, in adding knowledge, in being disciplined, in being able to make great decisions and in having courage to face every giant or mountain no matter what stands a head, this will enable you lead and influence many lives with a clear sense of purpose.

I happened to fall on a quote which made a lot of sense to me and this was in relation to purpose. # A Leader must lead with purpose in his heart - Success happens on purpose and never by accident - Jimmy Evans

I just love the way Jimmy Evans ended with this and he put it clearly success happens on PURPOSE and never by accident. When we look through the lives of many great leaders and may many men and women who changed lives, there is one word we will always say, "That was his/her purpose" - when you read about the likes of Martin Luther, Martin Luther King, Dr Myles Munroe, Winston Church Hill, Arch Bishop Janan Luwum, Joshua in the Bible, Moses in the Bible etc all these guys knew their purpose on earth and they breathed, lived and died for their purpose just like Jesus was mentioned, "For this cause I must endure the Cross".

I have been privileged through out my term to have never felt like giving up, why? because I have a purpose, until today my commitment has never wavered and by the grace of God I feel that my time is ending with great satisfaction more because with my good friends Malinga Arthur, Edward Hire, Isiagi Moses, Andrew Odoch, Daniel Malinga, Daniel Luwum, Eddie Kiyegga, Wamono Moses we had a a vision of disciplining young people and making them grow into leadership and affect their lives, it came with a cost because things weren't that easy as we had some mountains to climb, we had to sacrifice a lot and be there for the younger generation - Today we smile even more when we see the younger guys doing what we envisioned and this gives us more hope for the future not only for church but for family, society, business, governance etc, it is such a humbling experience. Surely SUCCESS HAPPENS ON PURPOSE, Joshua in Joshua 1:8 was told to meditate on the book of the law day and night and that he would be successful. It was at a point where Moses the Leader had died and through that crisis when many seemed to think there was no other leader, this guy had been under the wings of Moses' mentor-ship and God told him to arise to his purpose (Which was to lead the Israelite into the land of Canaan ), Had he sat back so many things wouldn't have been done, so my friends and I couldn't sit back and today when we see changes in DYF it has been a result of obeying the voice of God and acknowledging he had put purpose in our hearts to do as he had instructed building on what was already laid as the foundation for DYF.

Napoleon Hill once said that No Man/Woman (leader) can become a permanent success without taking others along with him

In this journey as I mentioned some names above, it has been a journey of moving with those who have believed in what God has called them to do, believed in each other's god given talents and abilities, appreciated each other's style of leadership and of doing things, and thank God that along the way, we kept on building and working with teams and there has been a great sense of success as one takes over the other, The team of from 2011-2014 and beyond as been a great family team, 2013-2014 has been successful because of what 2011-2012 team laid out as well and each year a different team does something that will last and affect many generations to come, so our foundation is important and because of a good foundation from 1992, the banner of DYF rides higher than ever because each year each team laid out something that we continue to build on. I am grateful to the leaders that came before us and did as well in their time, they led with purpose and we tapped into that. 

Dr Myles Munroe said that "The greatest tragedy on earth is not death but a life without purpose" and also "When purpose is not known abuse is inevitable". Let me add something too, when a leader leads without direction and purpose, it is totally a wasted time. 
Here are a few statements that i have written based on what I have learnt and applied as well and continue to apply.

#A Leader  is as good as he listens - Learn to Listen to those you serve with, they hear what you haven’t heard and they see what you haven’t seen, they have touched what you haven’t touched and smelt what you haven’t smelt, these can help propel the Service to one another and the greater good to greater heights. - James 1:19

#When you are given responsibilities they are preparing you for greater tasks, do it with your heart, it might be your hope in the near future and it will give people courage that leaders can be nurtured thus securing the future.

#You are not the Only Leader - there are others you Lead with and are accountable to

#A leader should build confidence even in the weakest member of the team - The best advise any other struggling leader can get is a vote of confidence. This is done by reminding them of the vision you all share and what you want to achieve and also reminding them of their roles and how important it is in achieving this, they lose more if they don’t do what they are called to do, so someone else takes the blessing when they don’t do their work because it’s be done by another person. In saying so they need to be encouraged and prayed for and loved since one of the virtues of the one who is strong is to help lift up the one who is weak. it is a privilege to serve and an honor to be chosen by God. 2 Chronicles 9:8

#Every Role has a Purpose and Avoid Playing your role out of position, it will cost the team” - statement made by Benjamin Tumukunde

#Can You Take Up The Role Without Being Told - It is an Indicator you can lead(Serve) others.

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