A Little About BAYC (Bugolobi Annual Youth Conference) 2005 and WHY AM SUPPORTING AND GOING TO BAYC 2016

It was many years back, I think 2005-2006. I had just joined Makerere University and I was very Zealous and hungry for God. I had come back to the saving knowledge of God back in 2004 as I entered my S.6 vacation. I was a young man who had seen and gone through a lot - lost my dad in 2001, despite being a bright child had personal challenges of drinking alcohol, smoking cigars & weed, night clubbing, bad company etc, I needed a push to grow more in God, I needed more fellowship with God, I needed to know my PURPOSE and I can say BAYC 2005 was my starting point. The Theme that year was "ADDICTED TO JESUS" -we added another slogan then and we said also "ALERGIC TO EVIL", It was just the right theme as I needed to be glued and rooted to the one and only Saviour. This BAYC was organised by the then Chairman Joshua Kakaire Kibedi and I must say it was one of my biggest turning Points. It prepared me for Campus that year - (I can confess that I went to Campus very focused - I graduated with a Second class upper degree in Bsc. Computer Science at the end of my University study and did lots of missions and conferences). 
That year (2005) I did not have the money to send me for the Youth Conference, I was sponsored by my dear Aunt Jolly Nyeko, the seed she sowed has played a very key role in my up-bringing and nurture in God. The coming year I still didn't have the money but the leaders then still allowed some of us to go by sponsoring us. At this point I would love thank my Mum Norah Acan who allowed me to go and participate, her prayers for me were indeed heard by God. I had a very great and important mindset change, from that of the world to that of the KINGDOM of God. 
There so many things I struggled with like Identity and I got answers at that conference, little did I know that, God was preparing me for greater things, greater leadership in many fronts. My past could no longer dictate my future because I found a profound renewal in CHRIST Jesus at the youth conference, At the conference, I was involved in many things that helped me grow, I was part of the CHOIR, though put most of my dancing talent into dance praise thanks to Omunyoro Damon K Wamara telling me and the guys that even though we couldn't sing well, we could dance. I became and I still am an ambassador of God and an agent of change, I am living a life of PURPOSE. Because of this conference, I have maintained a tight bond of friendship with some of my peers till today and we continue to impact lives in many ways, Malinga ArthurDaniel Malinga,Andrew Odoch UmahteteIsiagi Moses IshAlo Kay Baggalaaliwo Darmain Jr.Luwum DanielOmunyoro Damon K WamaraEadie KaeyWinnie Nyakake MalingaEdward Hire Yosia to mention but a few. 

You can build the right and purposeful friendships (have so many kenyan friends since its an international conference - the likes of Hadassah BrightRacheal Atieno,Richard Ojwang OnyangoEtemesi ElfasCarol MbuguaIsaiah Maghanga,Steve Owuor, etc) at an eternal event like BAYC. I would like to encourage all parents, friends and partners of the Youth Conference to Support it and sponsor as many youths as God enables them. One of my biggest Testimonies is that God groomed me to be one of the Leaders of this beloved YOUTH MINISTRY Called the DYF (Disciples Youth Fellowsheep)- 
The year 2011-2012, I served as the Prayer and Fellowship coordinator under the leadership of my brother and friend Malinga Arthur and God surely did some amazing things, am forever grateful for his leadership and then I took over the mantle and became DYF leader -I organised two dynamic conferences back in 2013 and 2014 with themes (Awake Oh Sleeper and After God's Heart) as God enabled - we continued to see him change and transform lives. 
I choose to be a partner to sow into the lives of those I can touch, someone enabled me go for the conference, so will I and so can I and so can You.. May God bless us as we support the BAYC 2016. I would also like to thank all the past leaders and the current leader for heeding the call of God, because what God enabled them do, can't be taken for granted.
There is a BAYC RUN coming up, purpose to be there.
There is a Partners DINNER soon coming up, will update us on that as well.
There fundraising drives coming up. The HAND THAT GIVES IS ALWAYS ON TOP - Check Out A Few Highlights Through The PICS below (BAYC Can change a life and propel it to greater heights as someone lives out what they are taught)

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