Elite Leadership 2:#LettersToMyFellowLeaders - Excerpts From What I Learnt As Leader - Always Build a Bridge (Connect With the Younger Generation)

# "A Great Leader will maintain a good connection with the younger generation" - Arthur Kmo

Hi Beloved Team

You are surely beloved and the best any one would ever want to continue walking with - You guys make things happen, you don't just sit back, your intentional on your blessing, development and love for God and for one another. May God bless and Increase you guys in every facet of your life and I strongly feel like prophesying that may poverty never smell your door or follow your footsteps because the Lord himself is your reward.

I write this piece with joy in my heart because I am probably apart of the generation with the Malinga Arthur, Daniel Malinga, Edward Hire, Eddie Kiyegga, Isiagi Moses, Fabian Odong, Andrew Odoch that have been a bridge to where many of you guys. "Our lives were greatly watched by you guys, we reached out to many of you and gave ourselves the best way we could even with our shortcomings you still upheld us as your leaders and you still listened to us, we could have disappointed in some areas but because we knew we had a responsibility to build as many of you up we lived with caution and purpose. I feel so privileged to have been apart of your lives with my good friends up to this time and i know we will go further and continue to grow together." Many of you who will be taking over are a little younger and this is your time and beyond a doubt we are very sure we have done well in discipling you guys and we shall continue to do so as the Lord permits.

The purpose of writing this is to remind you that in Leadership you always have to build people up and build bridges that they will walk on and this helps connect with the younger generation, as we were intentional, you also have to be intentional and start now whether you are in position or not because many of us who came to you never had positions but we influenced you with our lives as you observed us.

To show you what one of the responsibilities a leader should have look at this. In his book Spiritual Leadership by J Oswald Sanders he says this:-
"The leader must either initiate plans for progress or recognize the worthy plans of others. He must remain in front, giving guidance and direction to those behind. He does not wait for things to happen, but makes them happen. He is a Self-starter, always on the lookout for improved methods, eager to test new ideas"

So even while we were still Imp-actors "we kept on dreaming and planning ways in which we could Influence, and some times I get tears in my eyes even now, because our resolve was tested, It is still a tough journey but we never backed down, even when at times as friends we stepped on each others toes, we considered the ministry bigger than us and we always thought about you guys, It is an honor to serve you guys and to be respected by you guys, you have been our reason for excellent Leadership", as we write down the pages of Kingdom History, we have done something, the little God enabled us to do has been by his grace and lots of sacrifice.

When we finished campus and we were not in any kind of leadership, we created a prayer retreat, we had our small team of leaders, Malinga Arthur led us, I was the prayer driver, Eddie was the Welfare man, and when you see some of us do well in certain areas, we nurtured them in those hard times, at this same time Many of us had handed over David's leadership, Daniel Malinga and Isiagi were our scholars, Fabian Odong was our Adviser, Uncle Hire was a financier and partner as well with Daniel Luwum. Many of these guys formed the Bible Study Share Group and it is because of the desire to study the word that we crafted it so well that it fit very well in the DYF fellowship plan but also this wasn't as easy as you think because we were on the firing squad but all things work out for good, we could have been disobedient and at the end of it all while we took leadership we asked for forgiveness from our past leaders, we also publicly went before the church and asked the leadership to forgive us, we have done some crazy things but God built us up all through this.

Sometimes I thought my background and how I grew up would make me falter, I thought not having had a father for my later years as a young man would hamper my progress but instead of reminiscing and drowning in the past, I found purpose with a young team of Imp-actors back in 2004 and 2005, I have seen us grow and even get married and surely we are a testimony of God's grace.

In regards to dreaming and planning even without in Leadership, almost all we ever desired we have seen it happen,we could make statements like if we got into leadership then we would do this and this, we were visionary, we were determined and this came at a cost, but this is what the scripture says 
May he give you the desire of your heart and make all your plans succeed. Psalms 20:4 | NIV, you could also read Jer 29:11, Prov 16:9, Isaiah 55:8 etc
I don't know if all the plans we had have succeeded but am sure 90% of what we dream-t of and so has been done and the 10% will be for even greater mentoring till our Father in Heaven calls us to glory. While putting my pieces of the things I have learnt I came up with this statement

"#Without Plans a Leader cannot establish structures and systems that will enable him or her fulfill the vision, this is paramount in setting a foundation that can last and be improved upon.If you get on board and find out there are systems, study them, if something isn't working in relation to what you want to see done, Introduce what will work, teach those you work with to see the benefit of what is coming on board and how best it can enable them achieve success in that particular area. Case Study Google Groups for communication." - Arthur Kmo

Because we knew the Importance of Intentional Discipleship, from our days of working in teams to do this and that, we kept on seeing potential in many and we would tell each other work with this person let him or her be under your guidance and that's how we managed to capture the Likes of Antonio in prayer, Benjamin in discipleship, Racheal in Davids, Marvin in Drama etc and such a thing should continue... these guys have grown and they have become mature and continue to mature..

This is what I had to say because it is a principle that has worked all through for us 
"#Establish Smaller Teams (Best point to disciple many) - Just like the Ants work in few numbers so does the model help give a team confidence to think for themselves with a clear know of the vision and values and objectives. When teams are established they shouldn't be sabotaged, the leader should be encouraged to believe in his creativity from God - All that has to be done by the Leader they account to and is to monitor, evaluate, coordinate and advise in relation to the guiding theme and vision. this brings the best out of teams because Individual strengths are shared and put to form a team force. it is smarter and stronger to move in groups, none can feel the pain or stress alone, you have more victories and successes in teams and groups." - Arthur Kmo

So My encouragement to you guys is that all you learn from here will play a good part of forming and transforming you into a better leader, and it will show when your out there, you will always be the best because of the training you get from DYF. I mentioned something a lot that has helped us as a team and that is that we have been not just leaders but we have also been friends who have loved and hurt one another, but vision and purpose have made us come this far by the grace of God, endeavor to be friends and cultivate friendship as you walk together. And we challenged ourselves to read and study back then big time, this is what Muriel Ormrod had to say about a leader"A Leader should neither be content with easy books nor satisfied with reading only in his specialty", we had to become diverse as much as we knew our strengths and what we were passionate about and Indeed as God says in 

Psalm 32:I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you with my loving eye on you.

One day Daniel Malinga and I were walking behind Antonio and Marvin and we had them talk and they mentioned something and If i can paraphrase it, they said they wanted to be like us and that challenged Daniel and I to live and lead by example so this makes me conclude with this statement

"#As a Leader you must have a dream to leave a legacy and make disciples and produce many like you" - Arthur Kmo

Benjamin Tumukuned my Good friend shared a revelation he got and he said there can be no SUCCESS without SUCCESSION. It is so true, whoever succeeds you must come and do better and in such a way you as a leader will have done well in building up those who will succeed you because it actually means they go far and above...

Don't for get to build a bridge in your time lest some one else comes and does your work Without it many might take years to cross over and yet we have to move forward

TIP: Always lead from within not the stands (From a Rugby Game Scenario)---- #Leading from Within - Talk about Influence, it is best and better done from within, you can’t only lead from the outside, you have to lead the pack from within. Imagine your Captain being in the stands, it is more fruitful to have him in the rack because that’s when you can hear his heartbeat and advise more clearly.

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